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I had to replace a bird feeder that the squirrels had destroyed that had the plastic flip holders that controlled the amount of seed that would enter the feeding ports as birds pecked at the food. Squirrels would knaw and even rip these plastic flip holders out of the port letting all of the seed pour out of the ports. I had squirrel baffles placed on a pole and had trimmed limbs to keep the squirrels from jumping onto the feeder but to no avail. I chose the North State Super bird feeder because the feeding ports are metal and do not use the plastic flippers. This bird feeder holds a ton of seed but for some reason the black oil sunflower seeds are not falling down to replace the seed in the ports as the birds feed on them. No problem with the regular bird seed that has a mixture of seeds. My feeder is pole mounted and I was a little confused on how to remove the top squirrel baffle to fill the three feeding tubes. There were no instructions on this simple step. I thought that to remove the baffle you had to unscrew the hook that is at the top to remove the baffle. Wrong ! when I did this everything came apart. It took a while to figure out how to get the tubes back in the right position and to screw the hanging hook back in place. I suggest that when you first receive this feeder that you outline the feeder tubes at the top and bottom of the feeder with a felt tip pen for future reference and reassembly if needed. To remove the top squirrel baffle to fill the feeder tubes, you just have to carefully pull out two plastic tabs that keep the baffle secured to the top. As stated before there were no instructions on this simple but very important step. The jury is still out on why the black oil sunflower seeds are not filling the feeder ports for easy access. I would rate this 5 stars other wise. Check it out!

Product Description The Super Feeder With 6-Foot 1-1/4″ Aluminum Pole is a versatile, top-of-the-line birdfeeder designed to attract a large variety of birds. It comes complete with a 4-section 6-foot-by-1-1/4-inch aluminum pole, so assembling it is easy and placing it wherever you choose in your yard or garden is convenient. The feeder can also be used as a hanging model, and the adapter is included. The large 16-inch-diameter top functions as a squirrel baffle for the hanging model, so birds aren’t scared away. The three see-through chambers can hold 10-12 pounds of regular, sunflower or thistle seed. The Super Feeder has 9 regular seed feeding stations with perches. The inserts for thistle seed are included. The easy-fill, revolving top helps funnel seed into tubes, so replenishing the seed supply is quick and easy. A large 14-inch seed tray keeps seeds from being scattered by birds or the wind. The feeder measures 23 inches high by 16 inches in diameter. Feed your feathered friends in style with this versatile, top-of-the-line feeder from North States Industries. This deluxe feeder is designed to attract a large variety of birds and enables you to offer them a virtual smorgasbord. It can be used as a pole feeder (6-foot aluminum pole and brackets included) or as a hanging feeder (adapter included). When used as a hanging feeder, the 16-inch-diameter sturdy plastic cover can function as a squirrel baffle. Three clear plastic chambers can hold up to 10 to 12 pounds of regular, sunflower, or thistle seed. It’s easy to see when you’re running low on which type of food, and the top rotates so that seed is funneled into the individual chambers. This heavy-duty plastic feeder has nine squirrel-resistant feeding stations for regular seed, as well as special inserts for thistle seed–the food of choice for small songbirds. The manufacturer recommends the feeder be kept full at all times for the safety of birds (who can get their beaks caught in the openings) and that it be cleaned monthly to prevent the spread of avian diseases.




North States Super Feeder Bird Feeder Review


Addendum: Do NOT buy this feeder!!! Birds won’t come to it. The design is so bad that the "angles" of all three tubes reflect the sun and the birds are afraid of it. I moved it to 3 places at my clients property and it was never touched. I brought it to my house where it sits full, waiting for the birds that will never come!!!Do not buy this feeder!!!1. very difficult to rotate top to fill tubes. 2. The instructions tell you that the top pole to the bottom of the feeder is tight. No amount of friendly persuasion would make this connection. Even tried dish soap to lube it up. .. now way!I ended up beating the bottom of the top pole into the feeder with a brick (of course I had already filled it!!)The instructions also say, when removing the feeder for filling, the top section of the pole will come out with it. Of course it will be stuck in there, it’s been beaten with a brick!!Supposedly this pole can be pulled out of the feeder. Not a chance of that happening. The only way to get it out now would be to destroy this brand new feederIt becomes a 2 person ordeal just to fill itThis is the worst design I have seen -Read Reviews-

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Versatile, top-of-the-line feeder is designed to attract a large variety of birds

Nine regular seed feeding stations with perches; inserts for thistle included

Three see-through chambers hold 10 to 12 pounds of regular, sunflower, or thistle seed

Comes complete with four-section 6-by-1-1/4-foot aluminum pole and adapter for hanging

I bought this one after my first NSI feeder broke after 20 years on the backyard pole. I could have bought repair parts to replace the broken tube but decided to replace the entire thing instead. All the birds love it and the squirrels haven’t figured out how to get onto the tray from the pole below. There is a vertical bar on the feed stations that s easily broken out if more access is desired. I broke out the ones on the lower stations, but the mourning doves empty the feeder to rapidly. I had fourteen on and around the feeder yesterday. I’ll swap the lower feeding stations with the upper ones, that should slow them down. It is mounted on a threaded pipe I got at Home Depot, the threaded pipe fitting matches the adapter perfectly, I threw the pole that comes with it away. The doves pull the seed out to get at the seeds they like, this has a tendency to fill up the lower tray, the smaller birds keep the amount of loose seed in the tray at manageable levels. If I stay away from the feed with large amounts of millet, I find that the amount of loose seed is reduced. When this one breaks in 20 years, I’ll buy another one.

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