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NordicTrack C 1650 TreadmillWe bought this Nordic Track treadmill from Amazon because of the price as well as free assembly and our previous experience with Nordic Track products. Unfortunately, it has been a very frustrating experience. We bought it on July 9, 2016. First for the assembly with Go Configure, we had to make numerous appointments that they changed, cancelled or did not show up at all. Finally on Aug 11th, one technician showed up at around 6:30 PM. He started with complaining about the long day he was having as well as a long drive to our house. I helped him whatever way I could. He hurriedly assembled the treadmill and did not have time to test the system as he declared that his job is just to assemble and advised us to read the manual. Next few days we read the manual and tried to use the treadmill and discovered a number of problem. One of the four bases (right rear) was damaged and crooked as a result the treadmill was uneven. Second, the belt is not centered and was moving to the right grinding the side of the treadmill platform making a strange sound. Third, the electronic speed control did not work and running speed needed calibration as I needed to run at only 2 mph. Fourth the electronic display panel shuts off and turns back on periodically resetting everything. Thus the machine was completely unusable. I tried to contact Amazon in vainNext i called the customer service number of Nordic Trac. After about 45 minutes wait an agent responded. I explained the problems. She told me to call them back when I am near the machine with a long screw driver and other tools. So I explained that I am net really handy and tool owner. She promptly said she cannot help me and they do not have people to service the treadmill on site. I had to give up on Nordic TracNext I called Warrantech as I bought a five year warranty from Amazon. After about 30 minutes wait, an agent came to the phone, took a report and told me that someone will get back to me. I am waiting. In summary, it is more than a month and we still could not use the treadmill. Check it out!

Go online while you work out. The C1650 Treadmill features a stable bracket that secures your tablet at eye level above the console to deliver your favorite Entertainment while you train. Plus, a 10-inch touchscreen display offers your favorite websites, workout stats, and Google maps workouts from if it technology to take your training on the road.

NordicTrack C 1650 Treadmill Review

Very disappointed. 1. Assemble was more difficult than necessary. You actually have to remove parts to install parts. For example there are trays that fit into the console. You have to remove the support frame, install the trays and then reinstall the frame. 2. Packing material found its way into the area around the motor. When I started the machine it made a horrible racket. I removed the 5 screws and lower cover and discovered 2 small blocks of loose wood. 3. The lower storage tray screw holes will not line up with the frame. I could only secure one side. 4. After running for about 30 minutes the machine will randomly stop and the resume screen will appear-just as if one hit the stop button A. I called customer support-40 minute hold time. Installed new firmware with help of agent. B. Next day machine suddenly stops after a 15 minute run. Called support again. Support said the main console should be replaced. Item was NOT in stock and they could NOT estimate when I would receive it. I will supply an update when and if I get it working. June 16th and I still have not received the console or an update when I might. Update: It took over two month to receive the console. Be aware the list price for the Console Part number 375120 is $1960. 71 based on Part Order from NordicTrack Customer Care date 5 April 2016. This is significantly more than the price of a new unit. Clearly this is a disposable item if something major goes wrong after the warranty period. Update: 7/25/2016 Belt will not turn when I step on it. Motor makes clunking noise. Called support and waited 25 minutes for customer service. CS representative was courteous and understanding. They are sending me a new motor. List price $395. 99Update 9/7/2016 The new motor arrived much faster than the upper unit-maybe a week and a half. So after replacing the upper console, 2 grounding straps, software updates and the main drive motor the unit is working. I was probably waiting on parts for 10 weeks. All of the repairs were done by me without any offer from Nordic Track to send a repair person. I’m changing my review to 2 stars. -Read Reviews-

10 inch web-enabled touchscreen. Stay in Control of your workout with an impressive 10-inch web-enabled touchscreen. Quickly view your speed, time, distance, calories burned, heart rate, incline, and decline on the large, easy-to-read display

3.5 chp drive System. Train safer, longer and quieter. Built with a bigger motor case for less vibration and dual cooling fans for less heat, this 3.5 continuous horsepower motor delivers lasting power that’s smooth and consistent

20 x 60 inch tread belt. This tread belt is specifically designed to reduce noise and friction for a quieter workout and longer lasting product. It’s stretch resistant and engineered to stay centered on the deck

Plug your ipod into the console sound System and stay motivated with your workout playlist. Ditch your ear buds for incredible sound from dual 2-inch speakers

34 workout Apps. Get professional training with 34 preloaded workouts designed by Certified personal trainers. Choose from calorie, heart rate Control, incline, and speed workout programs

Broke the first week we got it. Now we had to order a new motor. DO NOT BUY! Customer service is horrible and now I have to wait an indefinite amount of time for parts because they are "not in stock"

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