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Nirvana Ep

I’m always on the look out for great new music and when Sam Smith was brought to my attention (by my 19 yr old daughter), I was immediately obssessed with him (not the satlkerish way though, Lol!) His voice blew me away and captured my heart. The tone of his voice is hauntingly beautiful and his falsetto is pure, natural and seemingly effortless. This is my FAVORITE song! The lyrics to his songs touch my heart so much so that I have to try to hold back the tears so people won’t think I’m crazy. Lol! I am now, and will forever be, a FANatic of Sam Smith. I’ve purchased his EP and the Disclosure single “Latch” and will be purchasing his full album when it comes out. I’ve even made my own Youtube “Sam Smith” playlist (which I watch everyday @ cgary1974) so I can hear the songs that aren’t on the EP. Check it out!

Nirvana Ep Review

This is the way music should be. Yes it is smooth and slick and produced but it is a treat to hear his music in this vain. -Read Reviews-

Saw this dude on SNL a few weeks ago and was hooked right out of the gates. In my opinion, he’s the male version of Adele. Nuff said. Can’t wait for the full album.

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