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i LOVE this album!!! The Songs I listen to the most are Nice Guys Finish Last Hitchin A Ride The Grouch Redundant Scattered All The Time Worry Rock Platypus (I Hate You) Uptight Reject Take Back! Great Songs! Jinx Haushinka Last Ride In Walking Alone King for a day are my least favorites. My Favorite Song on this album is Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)! Check it out!

Product Description After establishing themselves as the leaders of a new generation of music-makers and listeners, Green Day are back with Nimrod, their much-anticipated third album for Reprise. Showcasing Green Day’s continuing musical evolution, Nimrod amplifies everything that made the band great in the first place.Certified at 2 million units by the RIAA. (3/01) Nimrod came along two years after 1995’s Insomniac and was the first indication of Green Day’s willingness to stretch the boundaries of punk rock. The fullness of the record is first hinted at on “Hitchin’ a Ride,” which starts out chug-a-lugging and then breaks into a raging rocker.”Redundant” is accented with some psyched-out guitar work and has Billie Joe Armstrong singing a good deal more than usual. The wonderful “Platypus (I Hate You)” speed-rocks with abandon and recalls the early days of L.A. punk (a little Dickies here, a little Descendents there). The biting “Take it Back” is a snarling throwback to hard punk, and “Prosthetic Head” is an infectious ditty that counts among the very best on the album. Most surprising is “Last Ride In,” an instrumental nod to the sensual surf-and-sun life. Of course, the crown jewel of the collection is the sentimental, acoustic “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life),” which seemed nearly inescapable when it was released. Beyond these standouts, even the “usual” Green Day fare here has punch. –Lorry Fleming

Nimrod Review

Without a Doubt, My Favorite Green Day Album, EVER!!I cannot explain why?But, there’s something about when I’m jammin’ it out in the car on a road trip, or even just to work. It just always seems to flow!Despite that fact that I think, "American Idiot" is definitely the Best Album, Nimrod is just the Perfect Punk Album! It’s got every aspect you could ever want out of an Album! -Read Reviews-

This album to me represents the end of an era in the Green Day history. After this they kinda tried a different direction with Warning. This to me represents the end of the all out punk Green Day that I new back in the day. . I love the fact that they tried new and different things on this album from straight up punk songs to surf to Ska and even kinda hardcore punk(Take Back) Of course this album is popular because of Good Riddance(Time Of Your Life) but has so much more. I feel these days it is lost in their catalog and does not get talked about as much but in my opinion from beginning to end this is my favorite Green Day albumRecommended tracks:Hitchin a RidePlatypus(I HAte You)RedundantNice Guys Finish LastKing For A Day

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