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Night of the Gargoyles Paperback – August 23, 1999 by Eve Bunting (Author)

I checked out this book from my local library for my four-year-old daughter who wanted a “scary” book, and the first thing that caught my eye was the excellent art work. It’s absolutely stunning. Each page is a work of art unto itself, with blacks, whites, and grays that add immeasurably to this gothic little poem about mischievous gargoyle statues that come alive at night to frolic and play jokes on human beings. I can see how the book might be a little too scary for some children, but my daughter seems to find it “just right,” as do I. Yes, the gargoyles look a little menacing and the overall tone of the book is a little dark, but it’s also fun in the same way that Halloween is fun. Furthermore, I as an adult get a kick out of reading the book, the text of which is not necessary so simple that only young children will appreciate it; both kids and adults will enjoy it, in my opinion. I plan to buy a copy from Amazon for my own library, in fact. Check it out!

From Publishers Weekly Moody, charcoal-powder drawings dramatize a tale of the secret life of gargoyles. In a starred review, PW called it “an unusually sophisticated work, playful but dark-edged.” Ages 4-8. (Sept.) Copyright 1999 Reed Business Information, Inc.

Night of the Gargoyles Paperback – August 23, 1999 by Eve Bunting (Author) Review

Top Illustrator, beautiful imagery, focused layout and control using a difficult medium. -Read Reviews-

I purchased this book to use with my 4th grade class to practice fluency in their reading. There is plenty of vocabulary e.g. gargoyles, torrents, gaping etc, and the subject matter lends itself beautifully for dramatic reading during shared read.

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