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Neurosmith - Music Blocks with Mozart Music Cartridge

I bought this for my daughter’s first birthday which was 15 months ago. I’m back on Amazon today to buy a couple more cartridges for it. I have to say that this is the toy that she always comes back to when the other toys lose their appeal. The sounds are a QUALITY sound, not cheap sounding like the imitations that are now on the market. No matter the ages of the kids in the house, this is the toy that they play with. I can see this toy lasting for years in our family. Even mom and dad get involved playing with it and can’t put it down. I love to get my daughter toys that will last, and toys that are educational and this is one that fits both categories. I would highly recommend it to anyone that wants to enhance their child’s imagination and creativity. Check it out!

Product description Give your child the gift of beautiful music with Music Blocks. Research shows that music develops the higher-level cognitive skills necessary for math and reading. Music Blocks gives children an easy way to make beautiful music all on their own, simply by A sturdy, radio-like box; five colorful, sensor-controlled blocks; and one of several memory cartridges are included in the Music Blocks Mozart Set. Together, they create a unique learning product for infants and toddlers that has earned several coveted toy awards. The objectives of this developmental toy are simple: to introduce babies to classical music, and to challenge them in identifying sounds and instruments. Before children can even identify the instruments represented by the blocks’ symbols (woodwinds, violins, a xylophone, trumpets, human voices, and a percussion ensemble), they will be able to identify sounds and famous refrains by Mozart, such as “Night Music,” which is included in this set. Each block activates a segment of the composition, and switching around the blocks creates a new song. The quality of the sound is impressive. It’s stereophonic, rather than synthetic, though it’s all created digitally. And, with that said, it’s loud. Even at its lowest setting, the sound projects into the next room quite clearly. Included in the box is Music and Your Child’s Mind, an informative sourcebook for parents interested in exploring classical music with their developing children. –Diane Beall See all Product description




Neurosmith – Music Blocks with Mozart Music Cartridge Review


I bought this for my friend’s 2 1/2 year old daughter. I also bought the Mary Poppins cartridge. She wanted nothing to do with Mozart after she heard Mary Poppins. I had high expectations that this would be the best gift ever, but after about 10 minutes, she moved on to playing the drums on an upside down tinkertoy case. What you need to know about this toy: Do not expect to be able to turn down the volume with the switch – my friend’s daughter discovered the switch within 10 minutes and it was on ‘loud’ from then on. Also – I am a huge Mary Poppins fan, but I found the Mary Cartridge to be annoying. Stick with Mozart or some of the other offerings if you buy this. -Read Reviews-

I purchased this for my just-turned 2-year-old son last Christmas. He enjoys moving the blocks and making different sounds. He mosts likes toys that he can put together (such as puzzles & wooden train sets) and things that have buttons that play music or make sounds. It seems that this toy combines physically putting things together with the blocks and pressing buttons to make music. Some people have complained about the durablility, but we have found ours to be very durable.

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