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NETGEAR Orbi Home WiFi System. Up to 5000sqft AC3000 Tri-Band WiFi (RBK50) By NETGEAR [WiFi Router & Satellite]

Just moved to a 3,500 SF 2-story home. Initially bought a Netgear AC1750. Great router, but just wasn’t reaching the far ends of the house or back patio. Decided to try the Orbi after a ton of research on mesh network products. Installation was a bit cumbersome, as I had to logon with a laptop to configure the router to AP mode (behind a Spectrum Modem) and adjust a few other settings. I also had to manually download and install the firmware update. Not hard, just took some time. Performance is outstanding with 1 caveat: It all depends on where you place the satellite Orbi. Initially I placed my satellite in the upstairs rear game room, while my router sits in the office downstairs at the front of the house. I was getting an Amber LED and very slow wifi speeds at the satellite. I ended up moving the satellite one room closer to the router upstairs and I got a Blue LED. Bam! Suddenly I was pegging out my download speeds on wifi. Drop off in speeds throughout my house is minimal and I have 3 bars everywhere. My back patio is a mix of 2-3 bars, and speeds about 75% of that inside. Still, I am impressed. If you have a large house, Orbi is THE product you need for wifi solutions. I am giving it 4-stars due to high price. I think 250-300 is fair. 350 is a bit high. And also for the somewhat cumbersome initial setup. That being said, I would recommend this. Check it out!

Orbi by NETGEAR is the simplest and smartest way to enjoy high-speed WiFi in every corner of your home. The Orbi WiFi system easily covers 4,000 square feet of your home with strong WiFi signals. Because Orbi uses Tri-Band WiFi, your Internet runs at max speeds no matter how many devices connect. Enjoy better WiFi. Everywhere .

NETGEAR Orbi Home WiFi System. Up to 5000sqft AC3000 Tri-Band WiFi (RBK50) By NETGEAR [WiFi Router & Satellite] Review

When my Belkin AC 1800 DB Wi-Fi Dual-Band AC+ Gigabit Router (F9K1118) purchased here on Amazon in 2013 eventually was determined to be the bottleneck that was letting me consistently use only about 40 Mbps (27%) of the Cox broadband (150 Mbps download & 10 Mbps upload) that I was purchasing each month, this was the new WiFi solution that I opted to try. I was definitely not disappointed in doing so!The download speeds throughout my house are now consistently in the 110-150 Mbps range with some fluctuation that occasionally also has yielded more than the 150 Mbps that I am supposed to get. I have 170-180 Mbps coming out of my cable modem (ARRIS SURFboard SB6141 DOCSIS 3. 0 Cable Modem – Retail Packaging White) via Ethernet. This Orbi system simultaneously handles my desktop PC, Vonage VOIP telephone, two (2) Dropcam Pros (on 24/7), two (2) Amazon Echos, one (1) tablet, one (1) laptop PC, one (1) Canon all-in-one printer and one (1) Roku 4 streaming device without any problems or degradation in bandwidth. The only device that I own which occasionally has exhibited rather large fluctuations in WiFi download speed is my brand new Moto Z Play smartphone (from 40 Mbps to about 120 Mbps). I am certain that this is phone-related since no other device on my network has this problem, but don’t know what the underlying cause of this may be. The overall setup process of this still somewhat pricey router and satellite system which arrives nicely and impressively packaged is simple and quick: 1) connection of the router to modem and power, 2) proper placement of the plugged in satellite, 3) noting of appropriate color changes emitted by each device and acting accordingly. This is accompanied by administrator account setup with proper login & entry of information at the Netgear web portal (orbilogin). If youve setup a router before, none of this should be overwhelming. This should take no more than 15 minutes and quick setup instructions are included. There was one problem during the setup process with the firmware for the satellite not being available for automatic download and installation through orbilogin. This had to be downloaded from the Netgear support website and installed manually. If this proves to be problem, give Netgear a call and theyll walk you through the process. Also, note that the initial blue illumination of the satellite indicating a good connection to the router will stay on significantly longer than the 10 seconds incorrectly mentioned in the included Quick Setup Guide; its more like a few minutes until it finally shuts off on its own. This and other potentially useful information can be found in the 124-page User Manual (PDF file) which is available for download from the Netgear support website. A sporadic problem that I experienced with my Dropcam Pro cameras losing their WiFi connection 2-3 times daily for about 10 minutes at a time until reconnecting on their own was solved by simply rebooting the router through the orbilogin web portal. Since doing this, my WiFi has been rock-solid, never a dropped connection!An additional very nice benefit of this WiFi system is the fact that the satellite has four (4) available Ethernet ports. This now allows me to connect my Roku 4 streaming device to the Internet by means of a hardwired connection versus prior 5 GHz WiFi since my old router with its Ethernet ports was necessarily located in another room. The additional improvement in streaming is readily noticeable!There are competing mesh WiFi systems currently available (eero, Luma, AmpliFi HD & LR, Google WiFi with likely more to come), but as of the date of this review it is the Orbi system by Netgear that has been rated best by PC Magazine for throughput over distance and overall performance. You can consult the PC Magazine website for several detailed articles and pertinent tests on all of the aforementioned mesh WiFi systems. So far I can recommend this innovative mesh WiFi system without any reservations whatsoever. If you buy one, youll very likely also be duly impressed. UPDATE ON 01/04/2017: New Mesh WiFi System (tri-band Linksys Velop) available on 01/15/2017Linksys (a Belkin company) has introduced a new competing mesh WiFi system that is comparably priced at CES in Las Vegas on 01/03/2017. A quick performance review by PC Magazine (see their website) on 01/03/2017 describes comparable overall performance to the Netgear Orbi system reviewed above. The Velop beats the Orbi in certain performance parameters and the Orbi proves superior to the Velop in others, essentially a tit for tat situation if you look at the numbers. PC Magazine has even gone so far as to not only rate the Linksys Velop as an Editors Choice, but also as the best mesh WiFi system that they have tested, supposedly even better than the Orbi. However, the latter assertion strongly depends on what you are looking for in a mesh WiFi system:1) All two (2) or three (3) devices (depending on how many need to be purchased based on your square footage) of the Velop system are 100% identical with only two (2) Ethernet ports each and no USB ports at all. After creating the connection between the first Velop unit (node in Linksys jargon) and your modem for Internet access, only a single Ethernet port remains. If you also have a VOIP phone box or other device to connect, thats it. No more wired connections are available. Obviously, this will not work for everyone! You can always get a switch, but why should you have to do so with such an expensive router? Both the Orbi router and satellite units offer far superior connectivity options with four (4) Ethernet ports as well as one (1) USB port available per device. 2) The Linksys Velop also provides the end user with much less control over the WiFi network which is ultimately set up. Only a smartphone app (no web portal at all!) is available to check and adjust a significantly limited number of settings and options overall. Personally, I welcome having smartphone app access to my network settings. However, I prefer that this be available in addition to web access, not in place of it. Exclusively having used Belkin routers since first getting broadband and WiFi in 2003, I must say that I have serious doubts about the timeliness with which the manufacturer will provide needed firmware updates for the aforementioned Velop mesh WiFi system. My Belkin AC 1800 DB Wi-Fi Dual-Band AC+ Gigabit Router (F9K1118) which was replaced by this Netgear Orbi system had not received a pertinent firmware update in three (3) years! This may have been one of the reasons for its poor throughput performance (see my review above) on my 150 Mbps connection. Belkin (and also Linksys?) hardware support after the sale appears to be spotty at best. Netgear Orbi just had its second successful firmware update today (01/04/2017) since I received it about fourteen days ago. -Read Reviews-

Covers up to 5000 square feet with high performance WiFi. Get rid of WiFi boosters or extenders; this kit includes an Orbi WiFi Router and Satellite.

Innovative Tri-band WiFi helps maximize the Internet speeds available in your home.

Single WiFi network name provides seamless room-to-room roaming throughout your home.

Easy setup with a single and secure WiFi network that works with your existing Internet service.

Guest WiFi networkeasily setup separate and secure Internet access for guests.

Use the Orbi app or any web browser to create secure whole home WiFi in minutes. No accounts to create or personal information needed to setup.

Compatible with Amazon Echo/Alexa Control your home network using voice commands.

I rarely write a review but had to so for this incredible product. I have an old stone home that was forever unwieldy for wifi, but not anymore. Formerly had two nodes w regular speed and reliabilty issues. Speeds now equivalent to a hardwired modem feed throughout 3500 sq ft home including basement. Fast, simple set up to connect 25 devices including webcams. Stable. A game changer.

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