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I have been a Windows Nero user for many decades. I purchased a Blu-Ray player for my PC only to find that it would not play Blue-ray movies with the Nero 12 Essentials software provided with the drive, due to a large laundry list of missing decoders. I blindly assumed that purchasing the latest ‘Platinum’ version of Nero would correct this. My bad in not looking at the other reviews of this software to find that the 2017 ‘Platinum’ version of Nero still does not allow Blue-ray movies to be played on the PC, ‘due to licensing issues with Sony’ and that this has not been supported since 2015 ‘Platinum’ version. Net is that ‘Platinum’ level software from Nero is still only Bronze level as far as total compatibility and has no support for movie playback. I won’t be looking at Nero again. Check it out!

Empower your digital life with Nero 2017 Platinum for high-performance multimedia. Create, edit, burn, convert, organize, stream, and play back videos, photos, and music like a professional. Includes countless new features like importing and playback of HEVC (H.265) files, and adding and playing back subtitles on movies, as well as original album art for audio CDs, numerous 4K templates and effects, express and advanced video editing, the new SecurDisc 4.0 technology for greater security and much more. Make the most of your files and discs!

Nero 2017 Platinum Review

would like to leave negative stars, product does not work as promised, just loading on PC took many attempts over a week or two when I had time to keep trying. This software crashed my PC, lucky I had back up and restore set up. once finally loaded created one dvd rip to MP4 which filled up a 32GB usb drive?? kept trying to reload and make work, then computer acted like it had a virus, could not go to internet or control it, finally restored my PC to before nero. other attempts repeatedly failed this is the worst DVD ripping software every tried or had. funny many years ago their software worked fine, avoid this version. tried to return missed deadline don’t buy from this seller either no help. -Read Reviews-

Easy import of your own movies and videos

Fuss-free import of videos, audio files, and audio CDs and 1-click transfer to virtually all mobile devices*

Import HEVC (H.256) content, convert and play it back in any desired format

Versatile disc-ripping functions*

Suitable for use only with private and non-copyright-protected content

If you are thinking of buying this product, PLEASE read the negative reviews and believe them. This new version of Nero is missing some of the options and conveniences of older versions. One of the most glaring issues is the lack of a decent help function. Gone is the option of a disc based Help or online Knowledge Base, it has been replaced with a separate "NowHow" app that must be downloaded and installed to access product help. You must also be connected to the Internet to access any product help. For another example: I am not sure when Nero changed their access functions, but when you used to open the Nero Desktop Icon, a window would open where you could choose the type of disc you want to work on and all of your Nero options would be displayed. If you chose the wrong option, Nero would return you to the option window where you could choose another option. If you choose the wrong option with this version and try to go back to the options window, you are dumped back to your desktop and must restart the whole process by reclicking on the Desktop Icon. I know that this may seem petty, but this is just meant to be an easy example of Nero’s "better engineering". Keep your older Nero product( or find one), insead of wasting your money on Nero 2017!

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