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NeoSport Wetsuits Youth Premium Neoprene 2mm Youth's Shorty

My son is about to outgrow his size 3 O’Neill reactor shorty, so I ordered this in size 4 since it is cheaper. It was no taller than his old one, but maybe a little wider in the leg. I exchanged it for a 6 for height. The 6 had a little room to grow for height but is baggy and will do no good. For a more filled out kid it would probably work. It appears to be good quality (similar to his O’Neill one). The size chart on the tag is slightly different than that shown in Amazon’s description – with size 4 starting at 3’7" instead of 3’9". The size charts for O’Neill and NeoSport are pretty similar, but I am switching back to O’Neill for a better fit on my skinny kid (3’8. 5", 44 pounds). Check it out!

Product Description Stylish shorties – just like mom and dad’s – keep kids comfortable in the water and help shield them from UV rays, sea lice, jelly stings and other irritants. High-quality flatlock stitching and a durable back zip stand up to the rigors of childhood, and parents will appreciate the budget-conscious price NOTE: This size chart is to be used only as a guide to help you select a product that will provide a comfortable fit. We make sizes to fit nearly every person on the planet. In many instances after reviewing the chart you may still be uncertain which size will fit you best. If this is the case, you may need to order 2 sizes. After trying them both on, select the one that fits best and return the other item. No size chart can be a perfect guide for fitting a wetsuits on every person, so always consider trying another size if you are unhappy with the fit. These stylish neoprene shorties — identical in construction and features to Mom and Dad’s full-sized versions — keep little ones comfortable in the water, while helping to shield them from UV rays, sea lice, jelly stings, and other irritants. Durable flat-lock stitching and a heavy-duty back zip stand up to the rigors of adventurous, water-bound kids, and parents will appreciate the affordable price. Warranty NeoSport products include a limited one-year manufacturer’s warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

NeoSport Wetsuits Youth Premium Neoprene 2mm Youth’s Shorty Review

I would assume that this would work fine for children who are not too skinny. My daughter is 4Ft and only 42 lbs. As you can imagine, it is pretty hard to find clothes let alone a wet suit that should be a tight fit on her. I tried the size 4 first and it was skinny enough but too short so her arms and shoulders were restricted. Then I tried the size 6 and the length was great but way too loose to keep any heat in the suit for her to swim around. I had to end up returning both sizes and went with the O’Neill Reactor and that seems to do the job. I ended up getting her a size 6. It is fit enough with just a bit of play so she has some room to still grow into it. If you found my review helpful, please hit the helpful button! -Read Reviews-


Designed to be child’s first introduction to a wetsuit.

50+ UV shield helps protect against children from sun exposure

Great for the Beach, Lake or Pool and excellent for learning to swim or for extended periods in and around the water

Easy front zip design allows the child to zip and unzip the wetsuit easily

Sizing should be selected by age: A 2 year old should wear should wear Size 2. Includes 1 year manufacturer’s warranty, constructed from Polyester Laminated Neoprene

Bought 2 of these for my boys for an upcoming snorkeling trip in January, but one of them has worn his to the indoor pool as the water is so cold (and he is so skinny) it makes him turn blue and shiver after just a short time. He was finally able to swim for over an hour without turning colors! I usually have to pull him out and warm him up after 30 minutes for fear of hypothermia, but this wetsuit allowed him to maintain a good body temp until we were all ready to go home. I’m very happy with this product so far and will purchase larger sizes as he grows. As for sizing, I think the size chart from Neosport was close, but we needed to order up a size because of long torsos. According to the chart, my small 9 year old was in the middle of the height range for size 6 and upper end of weight range for size 6. My 6 year old was in the middle of the height for size 4 and low end of weight for size 6. I got them both a size 6. My 6 year old has a long torso so I figured the extra length would be good for him. Size 6 fit him great. It was too small in the torso for my 9 year old though. We exchanged it for size 8 and it fits nicely. I would recommend going by your child’s weight to determine sizing. If your child is at the upper end of the weight range, then size up.

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