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Essentially just a set of demos I’m sure most Bruce diehards know the history behind this one. I don’t personally feel qualified to give an in depth review on this one and I’m sure not gonna top anything already written on it. I’ll say this. … I’m an extremely picky music listener. … Probably overly picky. .. And this is the only Springsteen album I own to date. Front to back these songs will soak into your conscience and you’ll find yourself going back to them time and time again most likely. Check out "Atlantic City" to see what I’m talking about. This album alone has me looking and listening deeper into his entire output. A genius album that was originally never intended to be. .. ***** Check it out!

1982 release, the first proper solo album from the singer, songwriter and leader of The E-Street Band. Sparsely-recorded on a cassette-tape Portastudio, the tracks on Nebraska were originally intended as demos of songs to be recorded with the E Street Band. However, Springsteen ultimately decided to release the demos themselves.In November 2014, Columbia Records/ Legacy Recordings released ‘Bruce Springsteen: The Album Collection Vol. 1 1973-1984,’ a boxed set comprised of re-mastered editions of the first seven albums recorded and released by Bruce Springsteen for Columbia Records between 1973 and 1984. NOW – These 7 titles are available individually on CD jewel case and feature artwork true to the original packaging. Acclaimed engineer Bob Ludwig, working with Springsteen and longtime engineer Toby Scott, has re-mastered these albums, all newly transferred from the original analogue masters using the Plangent Process playback system.

Nebraska Review

My favorite Springsteen album, this record avoids a lot of his histrionics that are on his other records and is largely an acoustic folk record. No fancy guitar licks here, just Springsteen’s husky voice and a quiet picking throughout; though he does break out his electric on one song. It can be noted that this album is largely stark and sad in places, as the title track is based on a teenage boy and his girlfriend murdering innocent people, while the rest of the material is about life’s losers and people looking for a better way. Other artists have covered the material in here, namely Johnny Cash and The Band, and Eric Church even gives a nod to the title track in his song "Springsteen". Highly recommended. -Read Reviews-

How do you improve the sound quality of a recording intended to be a demo? To top it off, Bruce carried the original cassette with him for a couple of weeks before giving it to his studio team. Despite these obstacles, the 2014 Nebraska remasters are a noticeable improvement in sound. I listened with the volume up and thought the guitars sounded crisper. Bruce’s vocals also benefited as they don’t sound as hallow as the original. He sang considerably quieter when recording Nebraska, but that intimacy is retained and sounds great. Is the hiss gone? No but it’s less evident in the remaster. Put me in the camp who would buy this again if he releases a box set for Nebraska, ala the treatment given to BTR & Darkness. I would love to hear the following: the acoustic demos recorded for Nebraska that were released on BITUSA (Downbound Train, Working on Hwy, Pink Cadillac); the E Street Band electric attempts at making the songs of Nebraska; and live versions of all the Nebraska styled songs that were performed during the 1984-85 BITUSA Tour.

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