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Natural Wonder: Live in Concert

This is CD is an absolute MUST for all of you who must have a certain interest in Stevie if you have scrolled down this page to read this!I was lucky as can be to witness one of the concerts from the Japanese tour where this CD was recorded. I will never forget this. Having the privilege to hear the wonderfully orchestrated tunes from Songs In The Key Of Life as they were created with lush strings and horns courtesy of the Tokyo Philarmonic Orchestra. .. Just brilliant. And Stevie was absolutely wonderful. What a voice he still has after all these years. I mean most of the singers voices seem to age after a while and you’ll be sitting in the audience with fear when it’s time for the high notes that they used to hit years ago. None of this with Stevie. The man has a crystal clear voice and believe me it ain’t from studio work over these live tapes. It was just the same the day I was in the concert hall. ..You CANNOT Miss this one if you like Stevie’s music cos’ there is very little chance that you will get the same luck I had. ..Blaise Check it out!





Natural Wonder: Live in Concert Review


Buyers, if you don’t get this album, you are missing out!This is indeed one of the best R & B Live releases to ever come out! Stevie wonder sounds exceptional as usual, the music and the voice will touch your soul! It is always a real treat to hear a great artist interpret his hits in a live setting. If you love Live music, then add this to your collection! Stevie wonder is a legend! The 2 cds come with a very nice booklet with liner notes and pictures. A+ product! -Read Reviews-

It more than met my expectations, just incredible! I bought it because the musical director and arranger, Dr. Henry Panion, was going to be in town, so to meet him and know what awesome work he has done with Stevie Wonder was absolutely astounding! So many of my favorite songs by Stevie Wonder, the live performance was incredible.

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