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My Seinfeld Year Audiobook – Unabridged Fred Stoller (Author, Narrator),

As a huge “Seinfeld” fan, I thought this short read was a great inside look at the show. The history and actual goings-on of the show are usually dressed up and presented in the best light. The DVDs, commentaries, interviews, etc all portray the show as a wildly happy place, where everyone got along and made TV history. The only slight hiccup that sometimes pops up will be when someone, usually a cast member, will off handedly refer to Michael Richards as being “quirky” or “different”, which by now I take to mean that he was a real a-hole. Stollers essay is funny, sad and perfectly introspective. It helps if you recognize him from the episode he guest starred, it makes understanding his personality a little easier. But, needless to say, Stoller didn’t have the easiest time as a staff writer. He didn’t mesh well with the other writers, Seinfeld and Larry David were too busy running the show to help guide him, and one jealous and insecure writer, referred to as “Perry”, actively tried to sabotage his experience. In short, this is a great read for any Seinfeld fan. The inside look into the show is seemingly unbiased, reflective and realistic. It’s totally different from the way the DVDs portrayed the show and the interpersonal relationships, but it isn’t tabloid-y or seems like it was made for a quick buck. It certainly feels real and raw, and I think that is a rarity for any of the products that came out of the show. I ended up feeling bad for Fred, and I hope things stay productive for him. This essay was really quite touching. As a last question, I really want to know who “Perry” is. Stoller wrote for Season 6, and he names a lot of people, eliminating them. Berg, Schaffer, Robin and Kavet would have been the “college kid” writers, so that leaves Bruce Kirschbaum, Bill Masters and Bob Shaw as potential candidates. Personally, I’d probably lean towards Kirschbaum. Unless “Perry” never finished the script he was working on all year. .. Check it out!

My Seinfeld Year Audiobook – Unabridged Fred Stoller (Author, Narrator), Review

I have been a fan of Jerry Seinfeld and Fred Stoller from their early days of performing on the tonight show, with Johnny Carson back in the 80’s. To see Jerry become the sitcom star of our generation and Fred Stoller, the almost forgotten genius who was pulled back in to be a writer on the show. .. All of the backstory’s of the mood and temperment of Larry David and what it was like to pitch a show idea, the process, competitiveness, the clash of ego’s. ..this book was written for me. I loved it and have read it more than once. Fred Stoller is a very funny unasuming character that you can’t help but root for, Fred’s persona blends in perfectly within the jewish neurotic subculture where Seinfeld and Larry David are writing at their peek, and Fred just happen’s to be there seemly by happenstance yet there is no one funnier than Fred Stoller. This is a must read if you like to read how sit coms are written or just love Sienfield, Larry David, and Stoller as I do. -Read Reviews-

Fred’s account of his time as a writer on Seinfeld not only covers the emotions, struggles and triumphs of that writing position but shows glimpses of his family, his childhood and his personality. I wish this were, not just a Kindle Single, but an entire autobiography from birth to the present because it is refreshingly honest and impossible to stop reading. I can sense that there are countless stories and characters from Fred’s life that are lurking just out or reach, beyond this downloadable snippet, that I’d gladly follow to embrace the honest laughs and the empathetic sighs. Some of the details and moments that Fred decribe are wonderfully woven with complicated emotions in one short narrative, one instance and sometimes even one sentence. That’s the definition of great writing.

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