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Musician's Gear Heavy-Duty Folding Music Stand Black

I purchased this music stand over 9 months ago and we still love it. As the name states it is heavy duty and holds a considerable amount of weight in music books. Not once has the it let loose and allowed the stand to slide down. The lip of the stand is 1 1/2" deep and holds a binder of music with no problem. The stand does not wobble around and in actuality is quite stable. It does not lean or move. We have dogs and now a mobile one year old who are constantly moving around the stand as my husband practices and not once has the stand been knocked over. The three legs have quite a large rubber end to them and do not mark our hardwood floors either. The main reason I purchased it was the height as it can extend to 58" and this allows an adult to stand while playing. As to folding it up to carry it we never do. I actually think that aspect is a bit cumbersome, but it is not something we care about as it sits in my husband’s office at all times. All in all, this is a perfect music stand for our needs:1. holds music books or two pages of music2. holds a 1" binder of music3. stable and does not slide down4. extends to a good height so adults can stand and use it5. fold-able if needed6. great priceCons:1. not an extremely large stand (only holds 2 sheets of music)2. not extremely easy to foldAgain, this is a great heavy duty stand for the price and I would recommend it to anyone. Check it out!

Sheet music stand folds up for compact storage and transport. Height is adjustable from 37.01″ to 58.07″.

Musician’s Gear Heavy-Duty Folding Music Stand Black Review

I purchased this stand for my private violin studio that I run out of my home. I wanted something that was very sturdy, but also not the typical Manhasset stand. Those are too heavy to lug around. This stand sits nicely in the living room, but also folds quite well to travel with me in my car for gigs. It looks very professional, and you almost can’t even tell that it is a folding stand. All of my students love the wide lip for music. I have put two 1 inch binders on the stand, they fit comfortably. I love this stand, I will be buying another one for my room soon. -Read Reviews-

Folds to small size

Height adjustable from 37.01″ to 58.07″

As it is, it’s not a great choice for a professional musician. Most positive reviews seem to have been written by beginners or by musicians who don’t tour/travel. If it’s going to sit in a studio, and not need much adjusting, then I guess it might be fine. But, it’s not really designed (as real professional stands are) to be quickly and easily broken down and set up again (and there are fiddly bits that could easily get lost); plus, the pole and tripod base seem extremely flimsy, and are unlikely to last very long. HOWEVER, the stand part fits pretty well over any standard straight microphone stand. So, I’ve tossed the provided base, and put just the tray/shelf (top part) in my trunk along with a disassembled mic stand — and suddenly I now have two essential items easily ready to go, when needed. I was about to return the darned thing, but now I’m cautiously pleased with it. We’ll see how it lasts. …

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