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Murphy's Law (Molly Murphy) Publisher: Minotaur Books Mass Market Paperback – 2002 by Rhys Bowen (Author)

Molly Murphy is forced on the run after she accidentally kills the son of an Englishman when he attempts a to force his attentions on her. Forced to flee Ireland, she ends up crossing the Atlantic, arriving in New York via Ellis Island, where she becomes a witness in a murder investigation. When she becomes a suspect, she decides to investigate the murder to protect herself. Set in the early 1900s, the book portrays a New York that consists of enclaves established along ethnic lines, with most immigrants living in poverty as they try to get ahead. The characters in this book are vivid and engaging. The plot is active. With constantly evolving twists and turns. Definitely run to read!(And no, I am not just prejudiced because my family nickname was Murphy. ) Check it out!

Murphy’s Law (Molly Murphy) Publisher: Minotaur Books Mass Market Paperback – 2002 by Rhys Bowen (Author) Review

I am a big fan of Rhys Bowen, having read her A Royal Spyness Mystery novel. I had not read any of the Molly Murphy Mystery, which is why I chose this one. I was not disappointed. I enjoyed the history in the book and the characters. Molly is an adventurous woman ahead of her time and one whom you enjoy getting to know. I will be reading more in this series. This book keeps your interest and I found myself neglecting other duties to read so I could see how Molly deals with the problems in the book. -Read Reviews-

What a gigantic disappointment. Poorly plotted and every time she got in trouble the writer created a silly coincidence to explain the situation away. In this story her husband, a NYPD police captain was handpicked by the Secret Service to ride the rails all the way to San Francisco to help with a land fraud investigation, certainly not a mandate of the Secret Service. The SS was created primarily to protect the president and to investigate currency counterfeiting. That the story’s small crime of land fall would have risen to the level of the president is ridiculous. That he needed to send a coded message by letter to our heroine pining away in NYC is also ridiculous. Finally, the revelations gotten on the train ride back to NYC were even sillier. This lazy writing and lazy plotting. And for someone who has written so many books the writer should know the difference between "further" and "farther. " For her information, farther correctly denotes distance. Silly, silly, silly. Roger

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