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Murder She Purred: A Mrs. Murphy Mystery [VHS]

Love this movie, seen it when I was little and loved it ever since =DThe 1 star is because the video came mangled up, and we were by chance, able to save the movie,still have trouble playing it though :/Considered taking it back, but oh well. … Check it out!

Product Description A fun, spoofy thriller, MURDER SHE PURRED is based on a book from Rita Mae Brown’s popular MRS. MURPHY mystery series! In the spirit of AIR BUD, a crime-solving cat named Mrs. Murphy talks with her canine counterpart, Tucker … and together, they conspire to help their unsuspecting owner, amateur sleuth Mary “Harry” Haristeen (Ricki Lake — MRS. WINTERBOURNE), get to the bottom of some baffling local mysteries! So when there’s a suspicious death in their cozy little Virginia town, Mrs. Murphy and Tucker become the secret accomplices in Harry’s investigation! Your entire family will be entertained as this intrepid threesome set out to sort through the bizarre events, wild rumors, and shocking revelations that stand between them and the truth! Disney’s delightful whodunnit mystery Murder She Purred is told through the eyes of two four-legged critters considerably smarter than the humans they are observing. Based on the novel by Rita Mae Brown, the film is set in a small Virginia town where secrets run as deep as Southern-style charm. Mary Minor “Harry” Haristeen (Ricki Lake) calls the shots around town as she runs the post office. But the real brains of the burb belong to Harry’s cat, the acerbic Mrs. Murphy (voiced by Blythe Danner), and the interminably hungry Tucker (voiced by Anthony Clark), a Welsh corgi who suffers from little-dog syndrome. This feline/canine duo is quickly on the scent when a local man is found murdered at the bottom of the lake. All evidence points to Dr. Blair Bainbridge (Linden Ashby) a town newcomer who moves in next to Harry, and, it turns out, has buried some secrets of his own. While local sheriffs try to unmask the murderer, Harry falls for Dr. Bainbridge in spite of his questionable character. As the plot thickens, so do the amusing antics and one-liners from Mrs. Murphy and Tucker. It’s up to the animals to solve the mystery, despite their “pet peeves” over the bumbling efforts of humans. Lake is terrific as the low-key, likeable, but lonely Harry, and the rest of the cast deliver decent performances, but the biggest kudos go to our furry friends who save the day in a surprise ending that is certain to please family audiences. –Lynn Gibson




Murder She Purred: A Mrs. Murphy Mystery [VHS] Review


I saw " Murder She Purred " on the Disney movie channel and fell in love with it. I watched it for as long as it was on—even recorded it on a VCR tape. It was a very inferior copy. I decided to check with Amazon for a chance to get one that was recorded professionally. I had hoped it would be a DVD, but I bought the VCR version and have enjoyed it very much. -Read Reviews-

I am a huge fan of Rita Mae Brown’s “Mrs. Murphy” mysteries, so I was understandably excited to watch this movie. Unfortunately, the producers of the film changed many of the characters personalities. Some of the changes were minor (Blair Bainbridge was a doctor, not a model; and Susan Tucker now owns a cafe) but some were unforgivable in that they changed the character’s basic nature and made them so shallow they were one-dimensional. Considering that Rita Mae Brown’s greatest strength as a storyteller is her in-depth characters, this simplifying them was really quite insulting. For example, Cynthia Cooper was somehow morphed from a tall blonde to a short black woman whose main purpose in the film was to serve as a comic counterpoint to Rick Shaw — who lost his moustache and was changed into a stereotype of a bumbling county sheriff. This was not the fault of the actor, who tried his level best with what the writers gave him and by sheer willpower rescues any dignity Rick had left after the writers were done with him. Big Mim was also transformed into a snobby aristocrat who makes a huge scene and throws Harry out a party when her pets run amok. Big Mim has always had traces of snobbery in the books, but she would NEVER throw Harry out like that in front of everybody (she would discretely handle the situation). To do so would simply be unthinkable for a southern lady — and Mim, for all her flaws, is a southern lady to the core. Ricki Lake delivers a surprisingly good performance as Harry and is one of the major reasons this movie got 2 stars instead of 1 in this review. While Lake does not fit the physical profile of Harry in the books (Harry is always described as thin and muscular, while Lake is anything but) she nonetheless manages to rescue Harry from the one dimensional portrayal that the writers tried to saddle her with. I could believe Lake as Harry — and due to the physical differences between the two that’s quite an accomplishment for Lake to pull off. If you are an adult, do yourself a favor and buy the books instead! Rita Mae Brown is the Jane Austen of our time — she writes what she knows so masterfully that you as a reader are drawn into her world. I may be a northerner who has never set foot in Crozet — but Brown’s writing made me feel as if I’ve lived all my life there.

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