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Mud Puddle (Munsch for Kids) Paperback – September 1, 2012 by Robert Munsch (Author)

The story is past adorably cute, and lovable!!! I’m writing this review, because amazon wrote me saying the book had a upgraded version, fixing errors. (I had read the book multiple times with no issue) but fixed it anyways. The pictures went from being bigger and fitting my screen to being tiny little photos that are much harder to see. With young children I love having a kindle to have over 200 children books on. It’s a personal library on the go! How sad it was for us to read a story and not enjoy it the same. The best part of the story is the pictures and now they are hard to see. I really hope they don’t continue making children books like this. Check it out!

From Booklist Ages 4^-7. Fresh artwork brightens the story of Jule Ann, who is attacked by a mud puddle every time she steps outdoors. Suomalainen also illustrated the 1982 edition, but his new pictures feature a more fluid, energetic style and full color on every page, rather than on alternate spreads. The growing popularity of Munsch’s picture books and this edition’s more appealing illustrations make this a likely choice for larger collections. Carolyn Phelan –This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

Mud Puddle (Munsch for Kids) Paperback – September 1, 2012 by Robert Munsch (Author) Review

Paid good money for this book in hopes of sharing a book from my childhood with my future students. I received a small (3. 5 inch by 3. 5 inch) paperback copy of the book. I have absolutely no clue how I am going to read this to them, even with a document camera, because the typeset isn’t very big! -Read Reviews-

We giggle everytime we read this story. ..the thought of a mudpuddle attacking anyone is just too funny! The story is easy to read and fun to dramatize with the "SPLAT!" and the repeated ordeal of getting all the mud washed out of everywhere on this poor kid’s body and the tedious redressing it takes each time the puddle attacks her. The end was the big triumph when the mud puddle finally gets out foxed.

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