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Mr. & Mrs. Bridge

Another complex, brilliant, subtle and sophisticated Merchant-Ivory-Prawer film. Why do Ismail Merchant (producer) and James Ivory (director) get all the credit for their wonderful films? Isn’t the most important element of any great film truly a great script? Many if not most of the greatest Merchant-Ivory films had scripts written by Ruth Prawer. Let her climb out of the shadows and receive her due accolades. This film about Mr. & Mrs. Bridge demonstrates that, while upper-class white Anglo-Saxon Protestants may appear to be uptight, conformist and overly repressed, there is a subtle but fascinating interplay of complex emotions below the surface. When I first saw this film a quarter century ago on a first date, my female companion was impressed that I liked a "chick flick". Liking this film has nothing to do with being a chick, I replied, it has to do with having a brain. What is a chick flick, anyway? Evidently, any film in which no gun is fired, and no carnage occurs. Check it out!




Mr. & Mrs. Bridge Review


This is one of those films with a lot of those "Memorable Moments" that you will remember years after viewing it. The scene where Mr. Bridge refuses to let a dangerous storm spoil his dinner. The hotel bedroom scene where Mr. and Mrs. Bridge find themselves sleeping akwardly in front of a mirror. The scene where Mr. Bridge takes Mrs. Bridge to a cabaret in France filled with scantily clad women doing the Can-Can and the priceless look that Mrs. Bridge has on her face. It’s about two traditional people thrust into a new world filled with free thinkers and sexual awakenings and the honest, but humerous reactions as they try to deal with it all. Everytime I watch this film I’m suprised at what I didn’t catch before, and even the scenes I remember always seem to catch me off guard. The humor comes from the humanity within the two main characters, and it’s often more funny than the best comedies you will ever watch. Highly recommended! -Read Reviews-

This movie has some wonderful actors in it, and the development of the characters was fascinating to me. I only gave it four stars, however, because the ending was disappointing. It was almost as if the director decided the movie was long enough, so it should be wrapped up quickly by simply narrating the ending! If not for the way it ended, I would have given it five stars for the acting. I enjoy character studies, but my husband prefers action, and this was a very different kind of role for Paul Newman, who plays a concerned but stern patriarch of a family coming apart at the seams. My husband felt there was not enough action in the storyline to hold his attention, but I loved the subtlety of emotions playing across the wonderfully expressive faces of Joanne Woodward, Paul Newman and Blythe Danner, especially. Superb actors at the top of their form!

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