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Mozart's Magnificent Voyage

We LOVE these albums! We got them all in mp3 format and put them on a usb for car rides to and from classes for my kids. We homeschool and take some classes locally, so we do spend time in the car and thought this would be an enriching listen. It is so much more than I expected! The stories are wonderful. Each uses a slightly different style like the Tchaikovsky is an action filled radio play that feels like you are watching a movie with your ears. The Beethoven albums is a young boy reading real letters he wrote to his uncle (and his uncle responding) while Beethoven was renting a flat within his families home and it is very well done. Some are like listening to a play as it’s being acted out and others, like Bach are like a dream sequence of a girl being visited by Bach because she loathes practicing piano so much and Bach encourages her and tell her his story. No matter the style, they are well done and my kids adore them. They spur on a ton of inquiry and conversation. I am pretty sure my kids know more about famous historical composers than most adults. I also love listening. I have learned so much from Bach’s imprisonment for standing against a tyrant to Beethoven’s odd tendencies that had everything to do with his childhood and his lack of hearing. All the while the music of each composer is expertly crafted into the story. I give these all an A+. Check it out!

Travel back in time with Classical Kids! a dramatic story, a little bit of history and the world’s best-loved classical music set the scene for fun-filled musical adventures for all ages. This album features more than 24 excerpts of Mozart’s most important and engaging works including Symphony #1, Clarinet Quintet, Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, plus excerpts from Mozart’s most famous operas including Figaro, Don Giovanni and the Magic Flute.




Mozart’s Magnificent Voyage Review


We listen to CDs when we travel. We have been doing it for a while, so it is mesmerizing to see how they react when we start playing "Mozart’s magnificent Voyage". Both 3 and 7 year old instantly become quiet. The story is really captivating and the music just spectacular. It feels amazing to introduce my children to such beautiful pieces without overbearing them. And the CD keeps playing even when my children are not in the car with me anymore. .. I just can’t make myself stop listening to it. -Read Reviews-

This is another beautiful Classical Kids production, in which Mozart’s son and friends go on an imaginary journey through time and space to gain a new appreciation of his superstar father. The lad starts out angry and rebellious, but by the end of the journey his new understanding of his famous father brings reconciliation and reinvigorated love between father and son. In the process the listener is treated to a lovely sampling of Mozart’s music seamlessly integrated into the narrative, and we glimpse a new perspective of Mozart the man, musician and composer. Instrumental and vocal performances are topnotch, and the technical aspects of this disc are excellent. Highly recommended for children from about two or three years old on up, including second childhood!

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