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Mozart for Meditation

Let me start by saying that I play this great album every day to relax and meditate. In fact, I am playing it right now as I write this review. It is the perfect album to help us focus and concentrate. What makes this CD so special? First, the selections are uniformly excellent; from the opening Flute Concerto to the closing Fantasia, each piece is simply beatiful in a way no one but Mozart is quite able to equal. Next, the performances are uniformly excellent. The first selection is played by Irena Grafenauer, a noted performer of Mozart with The Academy of St. Martin in the Fields, who appear later on this CD with excerpts from Mozart’s 31st and 34th Symphonies. All the other performances are equally as good. The sound quality of this CD is excellent from beginning to end. I must say that I keep the volume fairly low, as it is right now, because I think this CD is meant to be quiet and reflective, unlike, let’s say, Mozart’s 40th in GMinor, which is immediately unsettling and needs volume to make its opening anxiety felt. Just a word about Mozart. In my opinion Mozart is one of the most important people who have ever lived. It is not just that his musical compositions are among the true glories of Western Civilization, but that listening to Mozart makes life better. Dozens of books have been written about the health benefits of listening to Mozart. Start with Don Campbell to find out more about this fascinating subject or just type in The Mozart Effect on your search engine of choice. Type in The Mozart Effect on YouTube for many more references on this important subject. Mozart for Meditation is just one fine example of The Mozart Effect. Buy it, listen to it, and enjoy all the benefits it will bring to your life. It is the best $4. 39 that you are likely to spend any time soon. You will have the CD in hand and the mp3 on your computer. Wonderful/ Check it out!

Mozart for Meditation Review

My husband has been undergoing chemo therapy for his cancer and I have played this and others from this series for him. Their beautiful melodies all have helped him through some very difficult times. He says it’s some the most beautiful music he has heard (and he is not a "classical music" fan!). I just ordered two more today. -Read Reviews-

Excellent, love Mozart and this collection. The jewel case artwork is ‘odd’, how about something a bit more classical and beautiful to look at. The ‘modern’ art is just blah. ..but the recordings are a wonderful collection, and that’s what we wanted per the play list tracked on our local FM radio station while studying!

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