Buy “Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Sir Colin Davis, Orchestra of the Royal Opera House, Mirella Freni, Richard van Allan, Ingvar Wixell, Martina Arroyo, Luigi Roni, Wladimiro Ganzarolli – Mozart Don Giovanni (Mozart Edition, Vol. 41) – Music” Online

Mozart: Don Giovanni (Mozart Edition, Vol. 41)

It’s the entire opera, not just the usual highlights, and it is brilliant. The cast is superb, every one of them. Check it out!

This is a MINT CONDITION, never listened to copy of Sir Colin Davis conducting Mozart’s opera “Don Giovanni”. 3-CD set.




Mozart: Don Giovanni (Mozart Edition, Vol. 41) Review


One of the definitive Don Giovanni’s, with a very cohesive cast and great pacing. The booklet is small (as most CD books) but very complete. Recommended! -Read Reviews-

This is one of the finest recordings I’ve ever heard. I love it, and it stands up very well to being pumped out on a car stereo. Absolutely first-class.

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