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Morning Pep 5 LB 100% Pure Birch Xylitol sweetener (Not From Corn) NON GMO - KOSHER - GLUTEN FREE - PRODUCT OF USA. 5 LB

I’ve been using coconut sugar substitute and it’s been great with zero side effects. But it has a different taste than white sugar and isn’t nearly as sweet, thus requiring a 1. 25cup to 1 cup sugar ratio when substituting. When not using coconut sugar, such as in my tea/coffee, I use stevia. Stevia is too expensive to use for baking / cooking in my opinion. That said, when I was asked to provide a sample of this product in exchange for an honest review, I had to compare the two and then some. MORNING PEP BRAND:First thing I did is search the web for articles on Xylitol, I found a few (such as WebMD and others) that all said it is a safe product, but for some it may cause intestinal distress. Second thing the articles said — and what makes this brand stand out from the other Xylitol manufacturers — is if you are going to use Xylitol then make sure it is:+ made from birch tree sources only+ GMO free, gulten free, wheat free and corn free+ made in the USA, as there are better restrictions on what goes into the product versus imported itemsI was happy to learn that this is true of the Morning Pep brand. Nice!!SIDE EFFECTS:I have two friends who are doctors and I simply asked the question, "Any concerns with using a Xylitol product as a sugar substitute?" Both doctors laughed at first then explained why they were laughing. They both said that in their respective hospitals, when they need to help make a patient have a bowl movement they use Xylitol. Apparantely the side effect of "intestinal distress" listed in the WebMD articles is because Xylitol is an osmotic (I think I got that right) and thus forces your intestine to absorb lots of water, which in turn helps someone go to the bathroom or others have diarreha. I found that if I limit my intake to a cup of tea/coffee (2-teaspoons worth) and maybe something similar at night, then I’m okay. As soon as I exceed that amount, such as adding it to my hot cereal/oatmeal then I’m in the bathroom a couple of extra times during the day. The side-effect effects me!Baking with it and limiting myself to one slice of pie or banana bread, I’m okay too. More than that and you know what happens. . . Then again. . . if I wasn’t taking in so much sweet stuff in the day, then I wouldn’t have the side effects. I may need to reconsider my dietary habits!TASTE:Xylitol taste a lot like sugar. So far it is the closest to a sugar taste than coconut sugar or my other choice, stevia (which has a definite aftertaste and is twice as sweet)COST:Xylitol and coconut sugar are relatively the same in cost, but twice that of white sugar. Stevia will run sometimes more than double the cost of either and 4x the cost of white sugar. BENEFIT:One benefit from Xylitol is that unlike most sugar products it does not generate the same acids in your mouth that cause tooth decay. Thus tooth decay is greatly reduced!For some who need a little help, take this product more in a day and the "side effect" will kick-in and you may possible be able to use the restroom again. I’d rather take this than something like Metamucil or Xlax (do they even make that still or that old school laxitive?). Realize I’m not a doctor, so don’t take my word for it, consult your physician first before use!!OVERALL:I like this product and am glad for the taste. . . especially in my coffee. Neither coconut sugar or stevia do it for me with coffee, so I’ll definitely be using Xylitol instead. The only reason for the knocking off 1-star in the review is because it does have a side-effect for me, but everyone’s different and it is easily controlled through moderation!!The 1lb bag is nice and convenient for having in my desk at work. The 2. 5lb bag is a nice in between size (5. 8 cups worth of product) and can be used for baking and save yourself some money over buying multiple 1 pound bagsThe 5lb bag is the greatest savings and will meet all your daily use or baking needs. =========================================================**UPDATE**I found this article on a dental site that had some helpful tips that have helped me with cooking with Xylitol. =========================================================Tips for Using Xylitol as a Sweetener in Baking/CookingHere are some tips for adjusting to the subtle differences between xylitol and sugar:+ When cooking or baking, know that xylitol absorbs moisture like you wouldn’t believe – so you’ll likely need to adjust brownie and cookie recipes. We recommend removing them from the oven just a wee bit before you think they are done to maintain the softness and consistency you expect. + Yeast won’t metabolize xylitol, so it can’t be used a sugar replacement in breads that rise. But this feature of xylitol gives it two great upsides. First, xylitol acts as a natural preservative when used as a glaze or frosting. Second, xylitol won’t feed candida. + Xylitol tends to crystallize when refrigerated in viscous solutions (syrup, jam, sauces). You can easily remedy this issue by adding a small amount of xantham gum to the xylitol crystas before adding them into your other ingredients. + Use xylitol as substitute for brown sugar simply by adding 1 to 2 tsps of molasses for every cup of xylitol used. + Xylitol does not carmelize or reach "hard crack" because it remains stable under high heat. We recommend using an alternate sweetener for topping creme brulee, or for making hard candies. + Although Xylitol has no major side effects, it’s good to begin using it in moderation. Too much xylitol, too quickly can cause mild gastrointestinal distress. Remember, as with everything in your life, moderation is your friend, and it’ll help to combat any potential gastrointestinal issues by combining it with other bulk ingredients (like in brownies or cookies). Disclaimer: I received this product free or at a discounted price, in exchange for the purposes of a product review. All opinions are 100% my own and they reflect my honest & unbiased opinion. Your experience may differ from mine. Check it out!

Morning Pep 5 LB 100% Pure Birch Xylitol sweetener (Not From Corn) NON GMO – KOSHER – GLUTEN FREE – PRODUCT OF USA. 5 LB Review

The only reason I didn’t give this five stars is because of Xylitol itself, not Xylitol from this specific company. I feel this Xylitol is one of the best ones out there, being made in the USA and being from birch rather than GMO corn, however it does make me a little nervous to have Xylitol around the house because of it’s toxicity to dogs. We have many dogs and are in the habit of giving whatever left overs there are to the dogs. It’s difficult to remember not to give them something when it has Xylitol in it. I still use it because it’s been an integral part of the Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle I’m on and loosing weight. I just have to be ultra careful that when the children don’t finish their muffin that’s been made with Xylitol, that they don’t hand it over to the dogs like they are used to doing. I don’t use Xylitol from corn because it gives me terrible digestive troubles, but this Xylitol has no side effects for me, granted I don’t use tons of it either. -Read Reviews-

I like that this is from birch, not corn and therefore doesn’t have the possibility of containing the pesticide that the corn had been bred to produce,It has a good taste and is just as sweet and sugar. I started to get looser stool however when I ate any larger amount of it say if in the coffee, then the cereal, then in a cake, etc. Remember that xylitol kills bacteria and I believe that includes your own gut bacteria which is also a strong basis for your immunity. That’s why 4 stars instead of 5. Eaten in moderation, it is a good sugar substitute but don’t over do it. It dissolves well in water and drinks and you can make a sugar syrup from it unlike some other types of sweeteners.

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