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I love Dreams Come True!This my all time favorite CD and every song is wonderful to listen to. I can’t wait for their next US tour. Check it out!





Monster Review


For those of you who are not familiar with Japanese Pop music (JPOP), this album is a great way to understand why it has conquered most of Asia and is now becoming very popular on the West Coast as well. This band is a legend in Japan, where it regulary sells 3-4 nights in stadiums that can hold 75,000 people. The album represents a definite step forward into a more "jazz" approach and is very well done. As with everything else that is coming out of Japan, quality is very high and I recommend track number 7, with it’s amazing mixing and voice plays. A jewel. Rush and buy! -Read Reviews-

Dreams Come True is a Japanese group that premiered in the early 1990’s. Since then, they have become the leading three person group in Japan. Miwa Yoshida has a harmonious vioce which was inspired by many Jazz, and Rock singers. Also, her Husband Masa comes up with the beat which is amazing. Their talent along with their friend the Guitarist in the group create a type of music espically their own. The CD "Monster" has one of their pop hit singles which has harmonious voicles byu Miwa.

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