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Monster TV CLNKIT Alcohol-Free ScreenClean Kit - Traditional Packaging

Excellent cleaning product. I regularly use it to clean my iMac screen of fingerprints and dirt from the kids constantly touching it. Extremely effective. Much better than simply using water and a soft cloth, which at times, just seems to spread the smudges. I spray the solution on the soft cloth included with the product. After one or two passes, the smudges are completely gone with no spreading of the smudges. I also use this cleaner for our big screen TVs. Seems to work a little better on smooth glass rather than matte finish screens. Check it out!

Blurred Vision Today’s home theater and multimedia displays and lens are designed to deliver high resolution images and graphics, however dust and dirt in the air can collect on these devices, limiting their performanceand cause blurred viewing. When the viewing is blurred, the performance is not at its best and you are not getting your money’s worth for the device. Keeping these devices clean is important in enhancing performance and enjoyment…. Safe and Effective Cleaning Unlike ordinary glass cleaners ScreenClean has been specifically formulated to be alcohol-free and ammonia-free to remove dust, dirt, and fingerprints safely and effectively. With the ScreenClean solution and special MicroFiber cloths, you will be able to gently clean and polish your displays without scratching or causing damage to the protective coatings designed to protect and enhance the image. You will get more out of your displays by keeping them as clear and bright as possible… No Mess Application One of the problems with a liquid on a vertical surface such as a display is that it will run down before you have a chance to wipe it off. With ScreenClean’s liquid gel formula, it stays where you spray it so it won’t drip. No need to worry about damage to delicate components or furniture. Staying Clean In addition to cleaning, the ScreenClean solution contains a special polymer to protect the display while reducing static electricity. Your displays will remain cleaner, longer extending use time between cleanings. ScreenClean for All Your Displays In Your Home or Office With the ScreenClean large cleaning pack, you get a large bottle of ScreenClean and two special MicroFiber cloths, so you can keep all the electronic displays in your home and office free from dust, stains and streaks On the Go With the ScreenClean travel pack, you get two small bottles of ScreenClean and special MicroFiber cloth, so all your portable electronic displays can stay free of dust, stains and streaks. ***Caution: Keep away from children. To prevent potential damage, be sure ScreenClean is compatible with your product/display before using. If the product you are cleaning requires soap and water only, do not use ScreenClean.  

Monster TV CLNKIT Alcohol-Free ScreenClean Kit – Traditional Packaging Review

If you are patient – and willing to work a little bit – this is hands down the best screen cleaner on the market. It sprays basically something like wax or resin out and it looks really bad for a few seconds. But once you turn to the dry side of the rag and work away the smudges – you are left with a better image than out of the box! This product truly is the best screen cleaner I’ve ever used. Works great on my LCD TVs, my macbook pro, cell phones, and pro even works great on a Macbook pro aluminum body and keyboard. I sprayed this product all over and it cleaned my keyboard, screen, and body to near perfect shine. How I use it:-Spay lightly over surface – work in to the surface in clockwise motions. -Turn to the dry side of the rag (or a new one) and work the rest out. -Profit -Read Reviews-

Model No. Tvclnkit

Powerful Cleaning Solution Removes Dust, Dirt & Oily Fingerprints

Advanced Formula Cleans Without Dripping, Streaking Or Staining

Powerful cleaning solution removes dust, dirt, and oily fingerprints

Advanced formula cleans without dripping, streaking, or staining like ordinary cleaners

Includes a high-tech reusable MicroFiber cloth that cleans screens without scratching

Delivers clear, vibrant picture with ultra-sharp definition

Cleans TVs, camcorders, camera lenses, HD monitors, and other video displays

I have worked as a computer technician for the last 12 years. During the early part of my career, I made the mistake of using cleaners with harsh chemicals to clean flat panel computer monitors and other peripherals, and the results were poor or catastrophic. I used to use alcohol wipes, which erase the keys off a keyboard after a few applications and damaged the non-glare finish on monitors. I then used an ammonia-based glass cleaner and besides the bad smell, it didn’t do a good job cleaning grungy computer mice (the dead skin on your hands sloughs off and builds up on a computer mouse over time, making it the dirtiest piece of computer equipment you will ever use. )After a while, I caught on to using Monster products to not only clean computer monitor and laptop screens, but also keyboards (don’t spray directly on the keyboard but apply to supplied cloth instead), mice, printers, and other sensitive surfaces. The baby blanket-like cloth is extremely soft and never scratches even the most sensitive materials (I use it to clean my eyeglasses and wipe off smudges on CDs and DVDs. The combination of this very effective, alcohol-free cleaner and cleaning cloth has now become the standard not only for my business, but for most of my colleagues as well. The bottle is big enough to last quite a long time with regular use, and the cloth cleans up nicely in the washer and seemingly lasts forever. Highly recommended.

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