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Monkey Puzzle Board book – April 6, 2017 by Julia Donaldson (Author)

I love Julia Donaldson’s books. So far we have "Room on the broom", "The Gruffalo", "The Gruffalo’s child" and "The Whale and the snail". My 3 and half daughter likes this one as well. Very nice pictures (I expected them!). It is very easy to follow for my daughter and it is a cute story. Summing up, the book is about a monkey who lost her mom and a butterfly who helps find the monkey’s mom based on how the little monkey describes her. I used it to make my little one describe me (her mom), her dad, her best friend,etc . I think it could be more interesting for young children (3-5) than older kids (5 up). I think this book is more "similar" to "Room on the broom", "The Gruffalo", "The Gruffalo’s child" because you have more "repetitions" and it rhymes. It is definitely less wordy than ""The Whale and the snail". My favorite remain "Room on the Broom" and "The Gruffalo" though. .. 🙂 Check it out!

About the Author Julia Donaldson is the outrageously talented, prize-winning author of the world’s best-loved picture books, and was the 2011-2013 UK Children’s Laureate. Her books include Room on the Broom, What the Ladybird Heard, What the Ladybird Heard Next and the modern classic The Gruffalo, which has sold over 13.5 million copies worldwide and has been translated into over seventy languages. Julia also writes fiction as well as poems, plays and songs and her brilliant live children’s shows are always in demand. Julia and her husband Malcolm divide their time between Sussex and Edinburgh. Axel Scheffler is a star illustrator whose instantly recognisable, warm and witty illustrations have achieved worldwide acclaim and numerous awards. In addition to his picture books, Axel is the illustrator of wonderful novelty and gift books for Macmillan, such as the bestselling The Bedtime Bear, The Christmas Bear and Mother Goose’s Nursery Rhymes. He also illustrates the popular Pip and Posy series. Born in Hamburg, Axel now lives with his family in London.

Monkey Puzzle Board book – April 6, 2017 by Julia Donaldson (Author) Review

I was glad to be able to get the British version of the book "Monkey Puzzle" on Amazon from a 3rd party seller for $8. 10 shipped. I had already borrowed the US version from the library: "Where’s my Mom?" There seems to be fewer language differences in this book, compared to other Julia Donaldson books. I think it is just the title and the use of "Mum" instead of "Mom" that is different. (I don’t have a copy of ‘Where’s My Mom’? to compare. ) Seeing as "Mum" and "come" rhyme and "Mom" and "come" really don’t, I think it is worth having the British version. (Plus I’m a British expat and I like my kids to call me "Mum". )My 2 year old enjoys the story. My 6 and 8 year olds will listen to it too, but it’s better for younger kids. Although I don’t think my 2 year old understands the ‘punch line’ that the butterfly can’t find the monkey’s Mum, because her own babies don’t look like her. He does enjoy saying "No, no, no, that’s a elephant!!!" etc on each page. For older kids, my favourite Julia Donaldson book is "The Snail and the Whale". (My 2 year old also likes that one too, but Monkey Puzzle makes a quicker naptime read. ) -Read Reviews-

Love this book! My 4 year old is always asking to read, Where’s my Mom?" The illustrations are fun and bright, and the book rhymes. We bought this after reading over and over and exhausting, "The Gruffalo and the Gruffalo’s child. " She still loves those stories, but I needed a change. I trust Julia Donaldson’s children’s books, and will continue to collect all her books.

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