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Mizerak Recreation 2-Piece Hardwood

I got this cue because the price was unbeatable. The dark walnut color is really nice but the cue itself is not worth the price. Right out of the box the cue is not straight. There is a slight curve towards the end that is noticeable when the cue is rolled on a pool table. The joint connector is made of plastic. In fairness the cue did screw together with a flush seam and did have a good solid feel (no vibrations when used). Overall if the cue was straight it would be great. However because it is slightly curved I have to lower the rating to 3 stars. This cue is perfect for a cheap practice cue but not sure how well it will hold up with regular repeated use. Check it out!

Mizerak Recreation 2-Piece Hardwood Review

The pool stick arrived on time; the stick itself is straight. However, the tip is a disaster-it was glued on crooked and it’s original appearance was flat. Most tips, obviously, are more rounded and thick. After two weeks of mild playing, the tip eventually resembled a pancake and then it fell off. It’s a shame that quality control was lacking here; I myself would not have mailed it off to any customer like that if this were my business!! -Read Reviews-


57 2-Piece Hardwood Cue with 12 mm Ferrule and Tip

Implex Joint

Stained Handle

Colors may vary

The tip is very cheap and broke within a few hours of playing. The cue itself felt cheaply made, with only a slight curve near the end. it also had a mahogany finish on it that wasn’t advertized, but it looked better anyway. If you want to buy this cue, make sure you buy tip replacements and lightly hit the balls. But I guess that’s why it’s so cheap.

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