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Mizerak Dakota BRS 8-Foot Billiard Table

Pros: It plays well. Action is slow but that is not bad. Installation was time consuming but not frustrating. Cons: Slate was packaged very poorly in wafer board. Sent the first one back because slate was broken. The second one had a piece broken off but I repaired it instead of sending it back. There were not enough washers included in parts package. Manufacturing quality was poor. One of the anchors pulled out and both end board underneath (see photos) were damaged in manufacturing process and should have never left the factory. Even the logos would not stay on. They fell off during assembly. The thing about pool tables are the three main things they have in common. The bed, the cushions, the felt. So the bottom line is if you are willing to put up worth a few quality issues you can have a table that plays as well as a more expensive table. Check it out!

The Mizerak Dakota 8’ Billiard Table is a heavy-duty table the offers ultimate durability and sleek styling to compliment any game room. Table features include: Rail integrated pockets and internal ball return system 3-5/8″ Laminate top rails with full profile K66 nose rubber for uniform rebound and consistent play Wool blend cloth allows for smooth roll and resists wear Metal frame rails and laminate cabinet offer stability and durability Reinforced pedestal style legs offer maximum rigidity Hammer-tone finished leg levelers create a level playing surface Includes: 2 cues, set of billiard balls, black triangle, brush and chalk (2)

Mizerak Dakota BRS 8-Foot Billiard Table Review

THIS IS FOR SLATE VERSION. Ordered table, amazon had closest delivery date like 3. 5 weeks away, almost didnt order because of that, but anyway shipping company got it to me in just under 2 weeks. Only issue with the shipping was the crate that held the slate was basically destroyed on arrival. shipping guy took pics and added to his report incase there was any issues. luckily slate did not have any damage. it comes in 3 packages. slate, base, everything else. Not sure why some people are saying they could not install or took days to install. Install was pretty easy, Only took about 5 hrs at most, by myself, never put together pool table before, and i took my time, extra time leveling etc. NOTE. dont use tools that come with package, you will be there all day. think i used a 11mm deep socket on just about everything and it was fine. also did not use the grout mix they sent to seal the seams of the slate. i ordered beeswax off ebay, and worked like a charm. and i switched up on how to square the rails. they want you to do it on floor, then put on table, i loosely assembled rails together, then put on table and squared them up, much easier, especially since you are under there anyway to attach rails to slate. and as others have stated, the pocket and ball return is basic. just plastic pvc type tubing for return. i may just buy some drop pockets or redo rail system on my own. table plays fine, It is a little slow roll , but that is mainly cause they felt that comes with it isnt a worsted wool. but when i rolled balls on bare slate rolled fine. upgrade felt at later date and will be perfect. looks durable enough. if you have kids that will be jumping on or banging on you may have some durability issues, but any moderate level of care this table should last a while. All in all i think the purchase is worth the price. My wife and kid are just learning so only reason i left original felt on it. so if they ruin it no big deal. already have simonis ordered and a few months down the road will refelt. EDIT. … fixed ball return problem. removed ball return support board, mounted to metal frame under neath. like in picture. the lip of the board actually acts as a backstop. havent had a single problem since. Problem was whoever designed the table probably never played pool before, they designed the ball return too shallow. not enough room for all balls to collect so they back up in the rails. -Read Reviews-

Ultimate Stability with Metal Frame and Laminate Cabinet

Reinforced Pedestal Legs with Leg Levelers

Durability and Playability with Wool Blend Cloth

Consistent Rebound with 3-5/8 Rails with K66 Nose Rubber

Rail Integrated Pockets with Ball Return System

Includes: 2 Cues, Set of Billiard Balls, Triangle, Brush, and Chalk (2)

Table is solid, very nice looking. Definitely worth the money. The ball return system is awful. Plastic pockets connected to pvc. Balls stick at the bottom on both sides and if you scratch good luck finding the cue ball. I purchased rubber deep pockets and replaced. Much better.

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