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Miss Congeniality

About the seller: It arrived on time and sealed/new/as described. Thank you. :)About the movie itself: I bought the "Deluxe" edition for the commentary with Sandra Bullock. Unfortunately the commentary she did with the other guy (I can’t remember his name) was not funny at allllllllll and it was really boring, in my opinion. Not only that, but the commentary wasn’t even really about the movie and didn’t add anything to it/give any interesting or fun facts etc etc. Soooo, if you are buying this edition specifically for the commentary like I did, I wouldn’t get your hopes up like I did too. Lol. That being said, this is still one of my favorite movies and you can’t go wrong for $5 or so. :). Check it out!

Product description Blazing Saddles (30th Anniversa It’s a good thing Sandra Bullock knows her strengths and weaknesses, because without Bullock as star and producer, Miss Congeniality would be an insufferable mess as opposed to being a mildly enjoyable trifle that is custom-made for Bullock’s established screen persona. Only Bullock’s fans could really appreciate this fluff (even then they’ll wish its ripe premise had been more intelligently handled), but it’s not without some highlights to accompany Bullock’s reliable charms. Here she plays clumsy, nerdy FBI agent Gracie Hart, who is given the horrific pseudonym Gracie Lou Freebush (one example of the movie’s juvenile tendencies) when assigned to infiltrate a beauty pageant to investigate threats of a terrorist attack. Transforming Bullock from frumpy to stunning is a piece of cake (although she gives pageant coach Michael Caine a run for his money), so the movie’s premise is trivial at best. More enjoyable is her character’s uncouth disdain for pageant contestants and her mistaken perception that they’re all a bunch of bimbos. The movie nicely charts Gracie’s realization that her own pageant makeover provides a much-needed ego boost. In addition to Caine’s effortless scene-stealing, pageant host William Shatner and organizer Candice Bergen are smart choices for comedic support (Shatner’s a perfect Bert Parks wannabe), but the movie desperately needs a credible foundation for its comedy to really pay off. Bullock’s bureau boss (Benjamin Bratt) is an unconvincing dimwit, and none of the plotting is as smart as say Beverly Hills Cop in combining procedure with laughs. That leaves Bullock to carry the burden of a comedy that just barely works in her favor. –Jeff Shannon




Miss Congeniality Review


Great mother daughter combined with the sequel in building self esteem. My daughter is a look again gorgeous tomboy who confuses the girlsb and they’re jealous of a tall beautifully gifted and kind as well as born with the cut musculature with definition whether she exercises or not her height and weight is solid muscle and bone. At my behest to keep her modeling portfolio ready should SHE not ME decide she’d like to accept life-long offers to model but for now is happiest in Adidas and running faster than the boys and I loved it in retrospect that my father kinda relived his glory athletic days through me I decided I wouldn’t do that and instead present the options to let her be who she is. Is striking to see her in high fashion during our quarterly photo shoots and she dresses accordingly for events then I see that same Vogue cover capable beauty covered in mud happy as a lark and just as gorgeous as it comes from within to those who struggle to accept their young femininity I think this duo is a FABULOUS example of being who you are and the polished up version that doesn’t eliminate your skills as too many think the beautiful girls are dingy. .. Bullying is so lame and doesn’t work in my child but special tasteful movies like these two are really great tools for them to see it and hear it from "anyone but mom lol". And I think ALL children are FABULOUS and beautiful so shame on anyone without the eye to see what’s real and better the person than the one who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing. Dad’s enjoy this and part two just as much you just can’t broadcast that secret data lol. One of my favorites! -Read Reviews-

During a ladies’ self defense class, the instructor reminded the class of S.I.N.G. as a self defense strategy. I remembered that Sandra Bullock’s character had used that as her talent. So, as a continuing reminder to myself, I purchased the DVD and intend to watch it periodically to remind me that there is no need to feel helpless. ..just SING.

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