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Mini Takis Fuego (25 Bags-1.2oz)

So these are obviously a great product. It’s the brand. They’re great. Just moved to New Hampshire from Florida where it’s rare to find these anywhere so I ordered them. 5 stars for taste, 3 stars for price. In Florida a pack of these is only $9 or $10. Amazon has definitely overpriced them. Check it out!

Barcel Takis Fuego Corn Snacks make a delicious treat anytime of the day. Fans of spicy food will absolutely love the hot chili pepper kick enhanced with citrus from the lime that makes it feel even hotter. These hot Takis chips are created using only the best ingredients for a snack you can feel good about eating. This package includes 25 bags that are excellent for packing into lunches.

Mini Takis Fuego (25 Bags-1.2oz) Review

I am a big fan of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, and I heard about these online, so I decided to try to find some. Unfortunately, no one in the Northeast seems to carry these, so to Amazon I went. I decided to go with these single size bags as it seemed to be the best deal. As these are single size portions, the chips are smaller, but the flavor is AMAZING! I can’t eat super spicy things, but I found these to have a pleasant, tolerable heat. The lime flavor helps to cool the spice, I think. Think of these as rolled-up Doritos, but a thousand times better. I really wish I could buy these in stores around here. -Read Reviews-

Tried these in Florida, fell in love. Alas, my love was not available to me at home in Hawaii, but Amazon played match maker, and we were reunited. Now I find myself wondering where oh where. ..wait, I ate them all!

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