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Midnight Sacrifice Audible – Unabridged Melinda Leigh (Author),

An exciting romantic/suspense by author Melinda Leigh. Combined with mystery, and a shocking conclusion, this is one thriller you don’t want to miss out on. It’s a must-read!. ………….After escaping a near death experience just four months earlier, bed and breakfast owner Mandy Brown still continued to have nightmares over the incident. Since that time, she also knew if it hadn’t been for a handsome stranger, she would be as good as dead by a ruthless serial killer. What made matters worse, the killer escaped and was never caught, but even more frightening, was her link to the killer himself and a deep hidden secret that she couldn’t allow others to know. Even more disturbing was the notes, and their sinister meaning and threats, and with that knowledge alone, Mandy would have to remain silent until the killer resurfaced, and when he did, she would make certain to put a means to an end if it was the last thing she ever did. War veteran Daniel "Danny" Sullivan, still couldn’t rest as he headed back to Huntsville Maine. How could he? It was only four months ago, when his sister Jane was kidnapped by the serial killer and barely lived to tell about it. Not only that, he couldn’t stop thinking about the gorgeous innkeeper Mandy Brown and that God awful night that he saved her life and her friend. Danny also couldn’t forget how beautiful she was and that spontaneous connection they both shared, and with that in mind, he wanted to see her again and he only hoped that she felt the same way. But what happened next only perplexed him more, when Mandy refused to cooperate by putting up walls between them. Why? What was she hiding? What was this beautiful woman so afraid of? Mandy didn’t know what to expect next, but seeing Danny Sullivan again wasn’t one of them. The man was too gorgeous for his own good and his raw sexiness hit her like a lightning bolt. Could he tell what he does to me? She hadn’t a clue, all she did knew for certain was that she would have to keep her distance from Danny, because if she didn’t, he could discover her secret, and by that, it could put her family in harms way, and she would rather die first then to see that happen. When more people disappear, Danny is certain that the killer is there and if he ever needed to find closure and solve this case, he was going to need Mandy’s help and he wouldn’t give up until he had it. As Mandy tried to avoid Danny, the killer continued to stalk her, but even so, it didn’t stop her from fantasizing about Danny, a man she could never have. But as their attraction intensifies, it fuels right into a love affair while the killer is lurking nearby and Mandy’s life is placed right in his crosshairs as the murderer plans his vengeance step-by-step to make Mandy his next victim. …..I loved this book. …thank you Check it out!

Midnight Sacrifice Audible – Unabridged Melinda Leigh (Author), Review

MIDNIGHT SACRIFICE, second in a series by Melinda Leigh is my first read by this author. It will not be my last. The venue is the small town of Huntsville in the northeast corner of Maine. A ritualistic killer, Nathan Hall, is on the loose and has been terrorizing the small town’s occupants. In the last few months it is thought that he might have kidnapped four people and he is known to have killed at least two. Danny Sullivan, a wounded Iraqi veteran with PTSD comes to Huntsville determined to track down the killer who kidnapped his sister, Jayne. Fortunately Jayne escaped Hall’s clutches but is damaged psychologically. The beautiful and talented Mandy Brown operates her family’s Huntsville Bed and Breakfast. Danny meets Mandy by chance while rescuing her from an almost certain kidnapping by Nathan. The small and inexperienced town police force seems incapable of locating the killer. At first rebuffing Danny’s advances, Mandy and Danny eventually join up to track down Nathan and end the killings. The plot keeps the reader turning pages. Melinda Leigh develops her characters well. She makes the reader feel he is in step with the narrative. The mystery thriller is interwoven with just enough romance to keep most avid romantics turning pages. The slow but intriguing pace of the story allows the reader to get to know each character well. I enjoyed the story and plan to read more of Leigh’s books. I give the story 3 -stars out of 5. -Read Reviews-

I would recommend this book to those starting out as book lovers. This would pull them in for life. 4 stars were earned. Ms. Leigh had me from the start to the ending. I like the way she played us with the assistant. I guessed it to be 2 others and not the one that surfaced as the killers helper. I knew Denny would get the girl; the bad boy always win. My heart was hurting for the one that lost all and gave so much. That was really love.

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