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Microsoft FrontPage 2000 [OLD VERSION]

I purchased this to replace an old disk that gave problems. It is fun to create webs with FrontPage, and if I can do it, anyone can do it with ease. The only problem was that some web hosters do not support external files from FrontPage (like a form for customers to fill out and mail you through your website. I created a fabulous site with FrontPage 2000. If I had to do it over, I would purchase a newer version. Check it out!

Product description Microsoft ProntPage 2000 Developer Edition NEW – Sealed – CD in Sleeve With Product Key. Please look at all the pictures. You will Receive what you see in the picture. Microsoft FrontPage 2000 makes FrontPage-based Web creation as easy as creating a new folder on your hard drive. With many Web servers, you have one Web site, but with FrontPage, you can create as many Webs as you want, including nested Webs. A FrontPage-based Web consists of three layers of Web structure, folder structure, and navigation structure. Click one of the links below to select a specific topic. You can use Dynamic HTML to animate, use Cascading Style Sheets 2.0 to wrap or layer text and images, and find just the colors you want with enhanced color tools. The program fixes hyper-links when files are renamed or moved, and 13 new management reports summarize the status of a site at a glance. FrontPage shares toolbars, menus, themes, background spell checking, and Format Painter with Microsoft Office. In-box upgrade good ONLY for those who own one of the following Microsoft products: Microsoft Office, Professional, Standard, Small Business Edition, Developer, or VAR edition version 4 or later; Microsoft Word version 6 or later; Microsoft Excel version 5 or later; Microsoft PowerPoint version 4 or later; Microsoft Access version 2 or later; Microsoft Visual FoxPro version 3 or later; Microsoft Publisher 97 or later; Microsoft PhotoDraw 2000 or later; or Microsoft Project version 4 or later for MS-DOS, Windows, and Windows NT Workstation. See all Product description




Microsoft FrontPage 2000 [OLD VERSION] Review


It does what it says it will do, and mostly intuitive if you’re familiar with html at all. The downside is that your host must provide FrontPage Extensions for it to work at all; some hosts will not support FrontPage extensions. Another downside is that FrontPage is a hog of web space usage, maybe double what other html software uses. It all works well, but too wasteful of storage space. -Read Reviews-

Microsoft ProntPage 2000 Developer Edition

NEW – Sealed – CD in Sleeve

ProntPage 2000 Developer Edition

With Product Key


When my laptop OS messed up, I had to format and reload OS and programs. I was unable to locate my old FP2000 installation disk, so needed to order a replacement. This item fit my needs exactly. The company has some computer issues of their own, and I did not receive my order as timely as I expected; however the company was responsive to my inquire, shipped my ordered product, and waived the expedited shipping charge. Stuff happens, and I would order from them again.

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