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Mechanix Wear HMG-05-012 Mechanix 0.5 Original Style Glove, Black, XX-Large

I really. .. really enjoy working with these gloves. I can feel every fastener, and even small wires when working on cars. Perfect for wrenching on planes too! After a few weeks of hard use, they are still holding up well. Best glove EVER award. I just wish they made these in more color variations. Check it out!

When you need the control of bare hands while still wearing gloves, reach for the Original 0.5mm. Our most dexterous glove features a 0.5mm synthetic palm material that forms to the hand for precision work. Breathable TrekDry material form-fits the back of your hand and helps keep them cool and comfortable on the job.




Mechanix Wear HMG-05-012 Mechanix 0.5 Original Style Glove, Black, XX-Large Review


Ive been working construction for 10 yrs mainly installing kitchen cabinets and granite countertops including the demolitions of all previous kitchens or bathrooms. While these are my favorite gloves so far they will take a beating during the takedown process where there’s a lot of rubble scraping on the seams because eventually they will start creating holes at the middle finger tips first and only get bigger from there. this is my 4th pair and I abuse the hell out of my gloves and I get about 2 months out of them. but that happens to every other glove I use and still think they are worth it just for the dexterity and not having to take your gloves off for about 75% of my work for brief minutes at a time. -Read Reviews-

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Form-fitting TrekDry material helps keep hands cool and comfortable.

Thermal Plastic Rubber (TPR) closure with hook and loop provides a secure fit.

Reinforcement panels in high wear areas provide added durability.

0.5mm high-dexterity palm provides precision feel.

Machine washable.

I chose this glove to get better feel than the standard glove when working with small motorcycle fittings where greater sensitivity is required. The glove does allow for some small item handling however, there will be time when the you’ll need to use your bare hands for that extra "feel", particularly in confined spaces or where you have to do it by "feel". The extra fabric of wearing the glove will also prevent getting your hand into supertight spaces. Having small hands I was worried the Small size would be a bit like Medium but was very pleased that it fitted perfectly. Like a glove hah ha. It’ll be interesting to see what the longevity it like as the material is quite soft and thin and it most certainly will tear if dealing with jagged or sharp edges. Very good value though for the price and arrived very promptly. Very pleased all round so far.

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