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Masterminds Audiobook – Unabridged Gordon Korman (Author),

Masterminds is an engaging, well-written page turner. I can imagine it appealing to many readers in the YA category. I wuld have given it five stars if it had been a complete story with a sequel rather than a cliff hanger. I recognize the cliff hanger genre is very popular among YA readers, but I prefer a complete presentation in one book. That said, I would have no trouble recommending this book to the 6 – 8th graders in the school where I volunteer. And I did order the next book. Check it out!

Masterminds Audiobook – Unabridged Gordon Korman (Author), Review

4th grade teacher and huge Gordon Korman fan. I read this aloud to my class, and they loved it (most agreed it was their favorite read aloud this year). It is told from multiple perspectives, suspenseful, adventurous, descriptive, and has well developed, likable characters. Can’t wait for the next book in the series! -Read Reviews-

My son (6th grade) and I both read this so we could chat and share our experience along the way. What a GREAT read!! Can’t wait for the sequel and love that we had so many interesting conversations based on the ideas presented. Wonderful book, I’d highly recommend it!!

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