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Masks Hardcover – 1983 by Fumiko Enchi (Author)

This exquisitely written book is best read if you have read at least some of The Tale of Genji and have some knowledge of Japanese Noh drama, but even if you don’t, I think you will find this book engrossing. It is the tale of a woman who seeks revenge and carries it out brilliantly and at high cost to herself. This isn’t a blood and guts story but a subtle psychological novel about the status of women in the mid-twentieth century. She uses Noh masks as a way of adding flavor to some of the key characters and actions. Check it out!

Review “An esoteric masterpiece” — Fumiko Enchi “Clear and powerful” * Kirkus * “An esoteric masterpiece” * Yukio Mishima * –This text refers to the Digital edition.

Masks Hardcover – 1983 by Fumiko Enchi (Author) Review

It was a really good book toward the end. I would say that the front is a little slow but it picks up as the book goes along. Only criticism is that keeping track of the characters is hard since first and last names are used interchangeably -Read Reviews-

I found the plot quite unique and unlike many stories I’ve read before, I found the developments of the story interesting, very character driven, and overall felt much more satisfied once done with the book than I had expected going into it.

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