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MARATHON CL030033SV Atomic Self-setting Self-adjusting Wall Clock w/ Stand & 8 Timezones - Brushed Silver - Batteries Included

Clear, clean lines, larger than I expected (and that’s a good thing) – makes a great "full room" clock that you could early read time time from 50′ away easy. Some other reviewers mentioned that the display, having no backlight was hard to read in low light. In my opinion (elect. engineer) while it is true that you could not read it in a unlit room, and even low ambient light it is no problem – same contrast as a wristwatch. The lost star is for a really unclear manual on how to manually set the timezone – the guidance provided was unclear at best, somewhat incorrect at worst. I did figure it out, but. . some will have difficulty. Once set, it stays in sync wonderfully. I had no reception problems regardless of clock "facing" direction (I live in semi-rural upstate NY). I would order again and recommend to friends (and warn them about the manual). Check it out!

This Marathon atomic clock is self-adjusting and self-setting, eliminating the need to manually input the time and date. Simply insert the batteries provided with the clock and it will synchronize to the time set out by the atomic clock in Colorado once the signal is received. The clock includes all 8 North American time zones a worldwide exclusive Marathon clock feature! It can be used anywhere within the North American continent and Hawaii. Choose from Pacific, Mountain, Central, Eastern, Atlantic, Newfoundland, Alaska and Hawaii standard time. The time and date can easily be set manually for those using the clock outside of North America and Hawaii. Daylight Savings Time on/off option is included. The clocks sleek, contemporary design features a brushed steel effect frame and large numbers making this beautiful clock ideal for home, office, school, hospital, etc. It easily hangs on a wall or can be placed on a table top using the sturdy fold-out stand. Split-second accuracy shows the time in either AM/PM format or 24 hour military timing, along with the month, weekday and date, as well as indoor room temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

MARATHON CL030033SV Atomic Self-setting Self-adjusting Wall Clock w/ Stand & 8 Timezones – Brushed Silver – Batteries Included Review

I love the clean, uncomplicated design and the large display of this clock. It has all the functions I’m looking for – large display with good contrast, no backlight, indoor temp readout, seconds display, date, day of week, and atomic signal so that I don’t have to reset it. However, when the clock arrived the upper left corner of the screen had been pushed into the frame. It seemed like it should have been easy to fix, and it did not seem to be affecting the actual functioning of the screen, but there was no way for me to pop the corner back out. I would have just returned the clock for a replacement, but the clock never did receive the atomic signal properly. Even this would have been something I could have (grudgingly) lived with if it was possible to manually set the time and date properly. But when I manually set the time and date, the day of the week was off and I could not find any way to fix it. I even tried advancing the date by a full year, thinking that the leap year was interfering. Also, the stand on the back of the clock that you use for setting it on a flat surface is an awkward and poorly designed thin plastic flap that hinges from the bottom and is unstable and prone to collapsing, causing the clock to fall over. I finally had to return the thing for a refund and am now searching for a different clock. -Read Reviews-

LARGE DISPLAY – Easy to read 4″ high display

SELF-SETTING/ADJUSTING – Using radio frequencies broadcast from NISTs Colorado Atomic Clock

MULTIPLE DISPLAY MODES – 12 or 24 Hour Display Formats with Indoor Temperature Display in Celsius or Fahrenheit

8 TIME ZONES – A Marathon exclusive, choose between PST, MST, CST, EST, AST, NST, HST & AKST with option to turn on or off Daylight Savings Time

BATTERIES INCLUDED – 2 AA long life batteries included

This clock has a very nice, large hour-minute display, readable from a distance even in dim light. The data to the right of the hour-minute display. ..not so readable. The oak finish border looks good in a room with Sauder BIY furniture. The one downside is the reception of the atomic time signal. Not all atomic clocks have equally ‘good’ reception. This clock doesn’t receive the time signal update when placed in the exact same location as the atomic clock it is replacing (which is made by that other manufacturer). As a matter of fact, the only places I can get time signal reception is at a window or in the middle of a room. When the clock is hung on any wall, be it plaster board (which the other brand receives thru) or concrete block (which is difficult for any atomic clock reception), this clock does not receive the signal. I’ve placed it in a half-moon window above the regular window of my front room, where reception works. It’s mounted high up, but easily readable due to the large numbers. In my case, reception locations are extremely limited.

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