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Manuelo, The Playing Mantis Hardcover – March 8, 2004 by Don Freeman (Author)

Manuelo wants to make music. He tries to make his own musical instrument, but fails the first few times. Finally with the help of an unlikely ally for a mantis, Manuelo is able to construct a "cello" from a walnut shell, a stick and some extra strong spider’s web. A feather serves as his bow. This story demonstrates not only the value of continuing to try for what someone considers important, but also can be used as a springboard to talk about how something might be able to be used in alternate ways, such as the half of a walnut shell in the story being used by Manuelo to make a mantis sized cello. Check it out!

From School Library Journal Kindergarten-Grade 4-Though Freeman died in 1978, his love for storytelling and, in particular, his love for music live on through this previously unpublished tale of determination personified in the character of a praying mantis. The lonely insect longs to join other creatures in making music, but lacks the chirp of the crickets or the croak of the frogs. He also fails at building his own instruments, as a reed made into a flute makes no noise, the flower of a trumpet vine does not blow, and his “snippy” claws break the strings of a twig-and-cobweb harp. Finally, an intelligent and observant spider agrees to help him, if he promises not to eat her for dinner. An artistic collaboration is born as Debby Webster spins web and other objects into an instrument that will bring music into Manuelo’s life. The rich pastel illustrations present the world of the resolute Manuelo as the “playing mantis” introduces various instruments to readers. With his stick-thin limbs, the insect makes a graceful figure as he plays his homemade cello. The tiny white spider perfectly reflects the delicate nature of the web she spins. With characters that are empathetic and intrepid, this story makes a good model for encouraging youngsters to persevere when they encounter difficulties. A fine choice for all libraries, this book will be of special interest to young musicians.-Mary Elam, Forman Elementary School, Plano, TX Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

Manuelo, The Playing Mantis Hardcover – March 8, 2004 by Don Freeman (Author) Review

this made for an excellent gift to a chinese family, as the long necked stringed instrument played with a bow reminds me of an ehru!!!!–but no matter your nationality or ethnic heritage, mauelo the playing mantis is a superb book!!!!–open a child’s eyes and ears and mind to the world of insects and music, as well as insects who make music, all in one fell swoop!–this book will leave a kid wanting to learn more about praying mantises and chinese mantids, as well as insects of the cricket and grasshopper variety who also sound like they play the strings–after reading this, a child may want to get to know a bowed instrument, or feel more inspired to practice if already taking music lessons–let manuelo be your guide into the worlds of insects and music, and learn to respect the mantises for the rare and beautiful fragile creatures that they are!–a great book to read as a family along with the chapter book classic, a cricket in times square! -Read Reviews-

This book is a hidden gem! A story of music, preserverance through difficulty, and an unexpected friendship that creates something beautiful! My 3 year old loves it and I know it will grow with him. Nice artwork as well

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