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Manners can be fun Paperback – 1990 by Munro Leaf (Author)

I love the message and my kids (3 and 5) find it credible and engaging, so it’s a win all around. I find the illustrations (which are either done by a 5 year old or an adult as talented an artist as I am) painful but I give the text 6 out of 5 stars so when I take a star off for the over-the-top illustrations we’re still at 5/5 ;)Kids who have greater access to exclusively modern media with intense graphics may not be able to relate to the material: the graphics are a big hurdle and the text is pretty dated too. I’m sure an updated version would be even more engaging for my kids but what it lacks in exciting, current graphics it makes up for in specificity and clarity for my two. Check it out!

About the Author Munro Leaf is the author and illustrator of numerous children’s books. He is best known for The Story of Ferdinand, first published in 1936 and a bestseller ever since. –This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

Manners can be fun Paperback – 1990 by Munro Leaf (Author) Review

Get another book. This does an OK job on introducing manners but some of it doesn’t go far enough. Its also not very polished. Seems like it was written then not even edited. I find myself having to explain a lot and I don’t really care for putting labels on the kids such as a "whiney," which my daughter tends to be sometimes. I don’t really like putting her in that category though I understand what the book is trying to accomplish. I think it would be better to say the behavior is not polite rather than saying a person like that is not polite. I don’t want her feeling bad about it but rather find ways to correct the problem. -Read Reviews-

“Manners Can Be Fun” covers basics like introductions, please and thank you, being responsible in the home you live in and table manners. It’s the illustrations, however, which get the point across and hit the reader over the head. No matter your age, the cute drawings really let one see what others experience when you behave badly. The basics of what’s important in life are put into perspective and appreciated all over again. Playing, saying “hello” and so many other topics pertinent to etiquette and consideration are placed on Mr. Leaf’s pages in quick, precise prose which encourage action. Munro Leaf’s description of The Noisey’s, The Pigs, Me First, Whineys, Smash, Rip, Ruin and others assist young and old of what to do around others and what not to do. It’s basic, it’s short and sweet, it’s truly a classic. Like all classics, “Manners Can Be Fun” has not gone out of style. Many thanks to Universe Publishing for placing this wonderful book back on the shelves and into our hands.

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