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Manhunter (Limited Edition)

I noticed some complaints that this movie lacks action and horror. If you watch this without being at least mildly frightened, you’re either made of sterner stuff than me or you lack imagination. When I first saw this movie I was a criminal intelligence analyst and had other law enforcement experience as well. Even so, this movie bothered me. It graphically brings home the truth. Monsters are real. They live among us and walk among us everyday. Worse in some ways is that they are not readily identifiable as monsters. From a law enforcement and forensics viewpoint, this movie is much better than the later RED DRAGON. The day after I saw the movie, I called on the director of our state crime lab to ask questions and discuss the forensics in the movie. It got things right for the time that it was made. For several months after the movie, I wouldn’t let my wife go outside alone at night unless she was armed. Then I read RED DRAGON and wouldn’t even go out to feed the dogs unless I was armed. You may think that strange but I know a fellow who was always armed, even taking a stainless steel revolver into the shower. Of course, at the time, he was investigating a thug who was arguably the most dangerous major criminal in the state and one of the most dangerous in the Southeast. I’m not sure how many people he had killed but if you add in the ones he had someone else kill for him, he made Billy the Kid look like a piker. I streamed this movie via Amazon Prime so can not address issues with the dvd’s Check it out!

Manhunter (Limited Edition)




Manhunter (Limited Edition) Review


Classic Michael Mann – if you like the cinematic style of Miami Vice (show or movie) or Heat, with wide, dark-tinted scenescapes, this is your next movie. We meet Hannibal Lektor (spelling in this movie’s credits, I believe), and don’t let Anthony Hopkins’ portrayal bias you! Great acting all around, with a standout performance by William Peterson – makes me wonder why he didn’t go on to greater things after this. -Read Reviews-

A solid beginning to the series. Peterson kept us entertained and Tom, the serial killer, broke the stereotypicalserial killer mould. So on several levels it holds up nicely against the more lurid and sanguine, overhyped and over acted Silence of the Lambs. Manhunter is not lurid or gratuitous but does stretch the envelop of on-screen visceral displays of a serial killer’s insanity. Silence of the Lambs was gratuitous in several luridly ghastly scenes. So, where Manhunter may appear timid compared to the bloody and cannibalic Hannibal circus of Silence of the Lambs in which Jodie Foster is a mere straightman to Hopkins’ campy funny man cannibal, Manhunter is a more an attempted study of the nightmarish task of tracking down and stopping a serial killer; and Peterson, as opposed to Foster, actually plays a person, rather than a prop, with an empathetic talent used by enforcement agencies to see into the driving computation of the serial killer. But I forget the key element which made Manhunter work–Michael Mann’s direction and his totally spot on music score.

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