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Man On The Moon: The End Of Day [Edited]

Vinyl is absolutely the best way to listen to music! This album brought back so many memories I cant even begin to tell you! The sound, the record quality, and the emotions are way worth the purchase over cd or digital. You just lose the connected feeling when listening to digital music. If you purchase this album, you wont regret it! Check it out!

Man On The Moon: The End Of Day [Edited] Review

Great album. Bought item by mistake not knowing it was the clean version. And was easily given a refund with the option of being able to keep the item still. -Read Reviews-

I first found out about Kid Cudi when I heard the song “Day N Nite” and after that I was hooked. I went searching for albums and mixtapes and have yet to be disappointed, this guy is talented. I downloaded this album when it was released in 2009 and still have not tired of it. His music is unique, he makes rap/hip-hop music but he also succesfully blends electronica and spacey beats in here. It’s not the run of the mill rap that you hear everyday. His music is great to just relax too. This has easily become one of my favorite albums of the decade and it has one of my favorite songs of the decade, “Pursuit of Happiness. ” Unfortunately, artists like him don’t get as much attention as they truly deserve and are usually sidelined for the more mainstream acts like Drake, etc. Every song is amazing on this album but the best songs in my opinion are “Day N Nite,” “Pursuit of Happiness,” “Cudi Zone,” “Sky Might Fall,” “Soundtrack 2 My Life,” “Up Up & Away,” “Enter Galactic,” and “Alive (Nightmare). ” The replay value of this album is extremely high and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes rap/hip-hop but is looking for something unique and interesting. Check out his other albums and his rock project WZRD as well, it make take a few listens to appreciate the rock album but you won’t be disappointed.

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