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Maggie's Mistake (Avalon Historical Romance) Hardcover – December 1, 2002 by Carolyn Brown (Author)

This was a good, wholesome, funny and heartwarming read. True to life in that many people are so afraid to show their feelings for fear of rejection. Maggie is a "hoot;" often misjudged by family and town folks, but still she rises above her circumstances. Could really identify with and truly enjoyed this book. Hadn’t read a really good romance like this in a while. Many writers today just focus on the sex act, or the physical part of a relationship; but this had some "real" characters with some real feelings. Don’t often give books 5 stars, but this one rates in my book Check it out!

From Booklist Maggie Listen wants to marry a man who can dance and laugh. Everett Dulanis plans on marrying a beautiful, refined woman. When Everett offers Maggie a ride home after a barn dance, the two of them wind up innocently spending the night together after a storm overturns their buggy and leaves them stranded. When Maggie and Everett are discovered together the next morning, they’re forced into a shotgun wedding. At first Everett intends on immediately dissolving his marriage to a loud, simple country girl, and Maggie is more than willing to go along with the plan because the serious, dull doctor is not her idea of the perfect husband. But a little help from some meddling friends and some time spent in each other’s company just might change the way Everett and Maggie feel about their brand-new marriage. Featuring a delightfully feisty heroine, Brown’s third gentle historical romance is a sweetly appealing love story. John CharlesCopyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved

Maggie’s Mistake (Avalon Historical Romance) Hardcover – December 1, 2002 by Carolyn Brown (Author) Review

I lost count of the number of times the author said the heroine couldn’t love her shotgun husband because he didn’t laugh and didn’t dance. Just didn’t play well. Was a premise written about many times and this author should have pulled it off but didn’t. -Read Reviews-

This was a pretty good story but kind of a "ho-hum" because it was so drawn out. It takes Everett and Maggie forever to finally admit they love each other and after a while it gets to be boring. Carolina who Everett was initially going to marry was a real piece of work. Everett should have seen right through her at the beginning but as typically it goes, he was totally blind to anything but the fact she was nice to look at. Maggie was kind of a pitiful character because I’m thinking she was so beaten down in the past with everyone telling her she was worthless she actually started believing it. Such a shame because she was basically a very sweet, giving person. I gave this actually three stars. The fourth star was because it was a "clean" read in that it didn’t have any offensive language or sex. I will always give a book an extra star just for that reason. I would recommend the book for anyone who likes a book set in this time period, the 1800’s and if you don’t want something that makes you think a lot when you’re reading it. It really was a fairly good story, just not a real involved story.

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