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Luvs Ultra Leakguards Diapers Size 5, 140 Count

There’s a definite change in quality from the recent product changes. I usually buy a few months ahead since I’m outfitting my twins with diapers, so comparing side to side with the old version, the new version is definitely thinner and *less* absorbent. I’ve put one twin in the old style and the other int he new style. The old style continues to work well, no leaks or blowouts. The new style on the other twin has consistently leaked and had poop up the back. Believe the negative reviews and be skeptical of the positives. There’s a definite change for the worse. Perhaps as Pampers does own Luvs, this is a way to push people to the more expensive pampers?*edit -series of comparison pics attached. The larger monkey with purple tabs is the new version. Unfortunately I only have size five of the old style to compare to1. The purple tabs are smaller than the old style. The old style also had an adhesive closer to the main diaper as well as Velcro type material on the ends2. The pocket at the bottom of the new diapers seems the same size as the old style but appeared to stick to the diaper, I’m speculating that may be the cause of some leaks but I’ve only looked at one since I noticed it in comparing the diapers3. Perhaps most interesting is that there is a size difference in the outside of the diapers, illustrated by the picture with the batteries. There’s about a quarter inch less on the new style diapers. It may be the size difference, but I’d find that particular thing odd to mess with in a size four to fiveMaybe the manufacturer can comment on the differences and what the impetus behind any changes were? Check it out!

You learned a lot from baby #1—especially not to pay more for diapers when you don’t have to. So now, you don’t trust something because it costs more, you trust what works. Luvs diapers protect baby from leaks at the low price you’re looking for—complete with a money-back guarantee. That’s because Luvs knows that between laundry, play dates, snack times, and nap times, you don’t have time for leaks. Luckily, Luvs has NightLock Plus to lock away wetness, even overnight. Luvs diapers also have large, refastenable stretch tabs and a wide fastening area to help make diaper changing time easier too. They’re also super soft with a Leakguard core, to help keep baby dry and comfortable. You value your time, and so do we. Get a better value in diapers when you Live, Learn, & Get Luvs. Available in sizes NB, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. If you’re not completely satisfied, please send the original receipt and UPC to us within 45 days of purchase for a full product refund via prepaid card. Limited to one redemption per household or name.

Luvs Ultra Leakguards Diapers Size 5, 140 Count Review

I have been a loyal luvs fan since our first child was born a couple years ago. But with our second child’s arrival, I have noticed that the newest version of luvs are not up to snuff. They are thinner than before, and can barely last a couple hours (much less overnight) before feeling extremely full and soggy. Also disappointing is that the sizing of the diapers has shrunk! I noticed there is barely any difference between size 1 and 2 – my barely-12-pound baby is already in a size 3. On the bright side, they do still seem to hold in leaks pretty well. We are still using luvs because other brands seem to have reduced their quality as well – so there wouldn’t be much point in switching. Update: I added a pic for proof that these diapers have shrunk! (These are my toddler’s size 5 diapers) -Read Reviews-

I have never reviewed diapers but my past month’s experience with Luvs has forced me to. I have used Pamper’s, Huggies and now Luvs. I tried Luvs with a small pack bought off CVS because of its catchy advertisement claiming that second time mom’s were more likely to use Luvs. I am so glad we tried the Luvs diaper!!! My baby boy would have poop disaster’s so often, we were using pamper’s swaddlers, changed him every time he pee’d but even then, even after going up a size, trying other sizes and types of Pamper’s and then Huggies, we would have poop disasters and leeks. When we switch to Luv’s diapers we realized that it worked wonderfully to contain disasters. They do not have a points system – as far as I know, or any rewards – but they are cheaper than Huggies and Pamper’s and we prefer them over all the other types we have tried. I wish they had a point system and I could get stuff like I did with my Pamper’s points but hey, I am saving some money and not having to clean potty clothes – so its still a win!

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