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I really like the production of this album. "No Ordinary Love" is a very subtle mix of genres. I applaud the producer and engineer of this album because the distorted guitar is not something that generally belongs in soul music. However, without it, there would really be something missing. The simple sixteenth notes on the A string are great. In fact, I really like what the guitar player did overall in this first track. Sometimes gambles can really pay off. Well done. I wish the overall mix was slightly brighter, except for her voice. That’s fine just the way it is. Sade is excellent, of course. She is sultry, refined and focused. I really appreciate that she does not need the ridiculous melismas found in so much female popular music these days. I am sick to death of hearing that. As an added bonus, she can actually sing in tune without vibrato you can drive a truck through. I’m sick and tired of that too. In fact, I would say to a lot of up-and-coming singers: "Learn to do this first, before you do that. .. and by the time you get there, you won’t want to, because you won’t need to. "Listen to female singers on those talent shows after listening to this. Don’t worry, you’ll be back, "presently". Check it out!




Love Deluxe Review


Saw this on sale and had to download it. This is quite possibly one of the best chillax albums ever. Grab a glass of wine, turn down the lights and light a candle and this will put you into a relaxing groove. Great for showers too. For those nights you just want to sit on the couch and relax . .. you won’t find much better. Can’t believe I didn’t start listening to Sade sooner! -Read Reviews-

The Smooth Operator Lady never fails on this album! I love all of the songs on this album along with her group (same name). I first heard them when I watched her music videos. Two of the songs on here are really funky and smooth ("No Ordinary Love" and "Feel No Pain") and the lyrics have a lot of meaning to them. The lovely "Kiss Of Life" and "Cherish the Day" ballads rock too. The music videos of these four songs are really good ones and very sexy. FACT: "Cherish the Day" is one of Nick Lachey’s (98 degrees fame) favorite songs. That shows you’ll love this album!

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