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Louis Garneau Men's Carbon LS-100 Cycling Shoes

I always wear a size 44 and went with the reviews and ordered a 44.5. Immediately I knew they were too big, so I re-ordered a size 44 and the fit was perfect. These run very true to size, so I’m leaning towards the opinion that people just don’t know what size they wear. These shoes are incredibly comfortable and well-made. However, there are 2 reasons why I sent them back. 1) The heel cup was way too loose for my foot. I’m not docking a star for this just because everyone’s foot is different, and these just happened to not be suited for my foot. 2) What I will dock 1 star for is the retention system. It is super-easy to use, but nowhere near as secure as a ratchet at the top. And the bottom strap does virtually nothing. Again, just not for my feet, but these are great shoes and the bright yellow is BRIGHT! Check it out!

You’ll be hard-pressed to find better shoes than the Louis Garneau Men’s Carbon LS-100 Cycling Shoes at this price–or at any price for that matter. With a stiff carbon fiber outsole for maximum power transfer and an upgraded heel cup to eliminate slippage, these shoes are light and fast. The HM Air-Lite carbon fiber outsole is the secret behind the feathery weight (235g per shoe) and direct transfer of power to your pedals. The upper construction uses synthetic leather with mesh vents along the sides and tongue–avoiding the risk of long-term warping from natural leather. For retention, Louis Garneau added the Boa L4 single rail controls to provide even, forgiving, and easy-to-use fit adjustment on the fly. The Men’s Carbon LS-100s uses HRS-100 technology to form a band over your heels and keep them in place without unnecessary discomfort

Louis Garneau Men’s Carbon LS-100 Cycling Shoes Review

This is my first non-SPD shoes and I’m impressed. I was experiencing hot spots due to the smaller contact area from my Scott Team Boa mountain bike shoes. I’m a road cyclist but liked the ability to walk so that’s why I had mountain bike shoes. These are very light and much stiffer than my prior shoes, with the stiff carbon soles and the SPD-SL pedals spreading out the load. Problem solved! No more issues. I love the shoes and highly recommend the Boa laces. The ability to reach down and quickly adjust my shoes while riding is great! After about 10 miles, I back them off slightly as my feet swell. I barely have to slow down. The shoes come with two pairs of inserts: a cool insert that allows air to flow through the bottom of the shoe and across your feet and a hot insert that blocks the airflow on cold days. Really nice feature. Compare these to shoes literally costing hundreds more. These are a great buy. -Read Reviews-


Upper Material: synthetic leather

Closure: BOA L4, 1 hook-and-loop strap

Footbed: Ergo Air Cool Stuff, Ergo Air Hot Stuff

Sole: [HM Air-Lite, 4.3mm] carbon fiber

Cleat Compatibility: 3-hole road

This is a brilliant shoe. The boa system is as good as any other cycling shoe out there, and when combined with the stiff tongue it makes for a very snug, but comfortable fit with no detectable hotspots. The carbon soles are noticeably stiffer than the nylon soles of my previous road shoes, which makes for a very nice spread of the pressure over the foot. When purchasing these shoes, ignore the sizing chart. I wear a 9. 5 (american) shoe, and I tried on several different brands of shoe at my local cycling shop. The 43 fit my foot perfectly across the board (shimano, Giro, specialized, etc. ) So I went with a 43 on the Louis Garneau LS-100’s even though I had not tried them on. They’re a perfect fit. My recommendation is to check the sizing chart of a pair of shimanos when trying to convert between American and UK sizes, or otherwise order one size up from the sizing chart listed on the amazon listing for these shoes. I knocked a star off because the LS-100’s run just slightly too narrow for my feet and they don’t offer a wide option. If you have a somewhat wide foot, you might be happier with the Shimano RP3’s or RP5’s (I preferred the toebox of the RP5’s, but the material of the RP3’s. The other reasons I knocked off a star on these shoes are that they don’t cup my heel as snugly as a pair of Shimanos, leaving just a tad of room for play (I notice this more when I walk then when I ride); and also the construction is inconsistent between the left and right shoes of the pair that I ordered. The printed scale on the bottom that shows you where to line up your cleats is off by more than a mm on one shoe compared to the other. There is some bubbling on the toebox of the right shoe and the material is not glued to the soles in the same place, leading to slight inconsistency in feel (the right foot feels a bit narrower than the left, however that could also be a difference between my two feet). There is also a place on one shoe where the material doesn’t seem to be fixed to the sole as well as on the other. This is an area that always fails on my soccer cleats, so I am a bit worried about the longevity of these not-cheap cycling shoes. I will update if it does fail there. Pictures will be posted below.

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