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Lost Souls

I first downloaded this album for free when Napster was still around during my freshman year of college after I had heard “catch the sun” on MTVII when that was all about music videos. Moody, and atmospheric, I have always enjoyed this album, but I dare not drink too much of it in or do so in a bad mood. However, I recently downloaded this again on a whim and I still enjoy the album as much as I did when I first heard it and was so terribly mawkish. Which, I think, says a lot about its depth. I still find it moving and feel like this is the ultimate album for listening to on a grey, rainy November Sunday, but only once, because even now it tends to make me moody. so for me this is a five star rating. One of my favorites of all time. Check it out!

Product description Doves Lost Souls US CD album In an about-face that could alienate technophiles, this group of dance revisionists celebrate guitars and “real instruments” in the face of processed music. The Williams brothers and their mate Jim Goodwin first had a hit with the disco-charged “Ain’t No Love (Ain’t No Use),” but they became disillusioned with the Manchester scene, picked up guitars, and formed the Doves–a band determined to infuse raw emotion into their music. From instrumental opener “Firesuite,” which showcases their rumbling, restrained guitar firepower, to the tumbling acoustic shanty “Sea Song” to the balmy Technique-era New Order rocker “Catch the Sun,” none of the album’s 11 tracks bears any real resemblance to any other (and, in this rare instance, that’s a positive). The Doves have produced an outstanding debut album in Lost Souls, alternately melancholy and uplifting, sparkling darkly with charged atmospherics. –Mike Pattenden




Lost Souls Review


You have to believe bands like DOVES don’t deal well with comparisons to others. That’s good, because in many ways, they compare to no other band out there, but in others, there are stong similarities. Perhaps one measure of the "goodness" of a new group is in the likelyhood other would ever copy them. For DOVES the answer is never. In a field of thousands, they have managed to create a unique, begulling sound. I love this disk. Here’s why:1. It’s really long. I’m tired of CD’s only half full. With LOST SOULS, you get what you pay for. If you don’t warm up quickly to one track, you will certainly find another you like among the 15 tunes here. The kind of disk you hear once and think, "I bet I’m going to like this a lot. .." Then after 7 or 8 plays on the Car Stereo, you are in love. 2. I sense an underlying theme. Too many groups today toss together whatever they have been collecting for the past years. Perhaps that’s true for DOVES, but if so, they hid it well. 3. The music is full-bodied, well produced. No Miller Lite here. At times, simple, but always rich. From a guitar and piano to the sounds of a full orchestra. You get it here. 4. Some songs: a. FIRESUITE sets the stage. ..tells you what’s on the way. I thought I was hearing a Pink Floyd disk at first. 95% instrmental, Firesuite has some unintelligible lyrics in the backgound. Sort of "Enigma"-tic b. HERE IT COMES starts out with some beautiful background piano, then moves toward a whining organ from any rock band of the 60’s. Liner notes include a credit to Velvet Underground. Perhaps their influence was present here. But in the end this song reminded me more if "Morrisey" or "The Smiths. " c. BREAK ME GENTLY is both the title of song 3 and the a change of pace for the disk. More like "Radiohead" for me. I love this song. d. SEA SONG is my favorite lick on the disk. A repetitive guitar melody overlaid by rich tonalization. I keep running back to this one. e. Track 7, MELODY CALLS, sounds like a different band. But it’s a great song. It reminds me most of the English group "James. " f. The catchiest tune, and the one with the most popular potential, is CATCH THE SUN. This is the song I heard first, that made me want the disk. You will love it. For me, it’s mix between "Travis," "Crowded House," and "Level 42. "I highly recommend this new English band. A great value, a great disk. Truly, this could be the start of something big for DOVES. -Read Reviews-

This CD is great. Not all tracks are listenable in my opinion, but there are some golden songs to be found here. Also, not every track is instrumental. There are about 3-4 of those on this CD. The songs that stuck out the most to me were:*Rise**Melody Calls* – love the ending. ..*Catch The Sun* – very catchy. first song I ever heard from them. heard it on last. fm*Firesuite* – decent instrumental introduction to the CD. *The Man Who Told Everything* – i just love this song. period. *Darker* – very vibe-y and my favorite here. has a unique sway to the beat and lyric delivery that i eat up every time. Avoid *Valley*, *Break Me Gently* and *A House*. Recommended especially if you like melancholy vocals and mysterious production. 4. 3 stars.

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