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Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers (2005-12-29) Hardcover – 1656 by Oliver Jeffers (Author)

"Read it again. " That is what my two year old says every time we read this book. This beautifully illustrated book tells a story of a boy and an unlikely friend. I’ve enjoyed noticing new characteristics and details in the illustrations each time I read it. My son points out new things as well. Entertaining for young and old. Highly recommend you add it to your collection. Check it out!

Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers (2005-12-29) Hardcover – 1656 by Oliver Jeffers (Author) Review

If you haven’t read Oliver Jeffers-you need to. I have a 2. 5 year old and we just found his works and are thrilled with them. Great for adults and for children alike. This book centers on a young boy that find a lost penguin and befriends him but thinks he needs to go home to the South Pole. They make the long trek and clearly both are sad upon departing. The boy returns and there is a great picture of an emotional hug and they reunite. It’s got a great visual of what it means to be friends and the allegory would be that your friend can be of any race, religion or species if you care for each other. The sequel Up and Down is a must have companion piece to this with the same two characters. HIGHLY recommended for your young child that is the avid story listener. -Read Reviews-

I bought this for my son after someone gave him “This Moose Belongs to Me” by the same author. It’s not as dryly hilarious as the moose book, but the illustrations are so sweet and adorable and my 23 month old loves it. It’s a simple tale about a little penguin who ends up on a boy’s door step, and the boy tries to help the supposedly lost penguin find his way home. When he finally takes him back to the South Pole, he realizes that the penguin in fact only wanted a friend. We love the pictures and the story.

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