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Living Things

Living Things is perhaps my most favorite Linkin Park album tied with A Thousand Suns. This album, just as the latter, can be listened to front to back with no interruption. You start out this album with "Lost in the Echo" which is the hook for the whole album. You’re brought in with Chester’s emotional vocals, a hard riff of electronica and rock, and it to mention Mike’s way with words. This song along is a perfect example of the versatility of Linkin Park. It covers so many platforms of sound, instrumentation, lyrics, vocals, genre, style, etc. I think I’ve said this a million times but Linkin Park are masters of every genre. While their older fans complain that their music is "not the old Linkin Park" similar to albums such as Meteora and Hybrid Theory, Linkin Park has been dabbling here and there to take over every single genre and they do it in a way that only they can. With songs on this album such as the first three tracks, "Lost in the Echo", "In My Remains", and "Burn It Down", I refer to as ‘The Holy Trinity’ leading you into this journey of sound, there is no going back. You will never tire listening to this album as a whole. Each song gives you feelings unlike the last. Perhaps my favorite part is when you reach "Tinfoil", a beautiful, simple yet complex instrumental that flows perfectly into "Powerless". It’s an ethereal experience to listen to, please do yourselves a favor and avoid all bias towards Linkin Park’s older albums, and pick up a copy of Living Things. True lovers of art and music will appreciate all it has to offer. Check it out!

2012 album from the best selling Alt-Rock band. From day one, Linkin Park built the band upon the premise of fusing all of their favorite styles of music-as disparate as they might be-into one signature sound. Fast-forward 12 years to Living Things and the same six players have not only developed new tools to make that philosophy a reality, but they’re finally comfortable embracing-and coalescing-every aspect of their career. With each song, they flexed their expertise with both cutting-edge and classic gear, and they infused their vocals with an honest, thrilling enthusiasm; they picked apart their own ideas of what defines a song, and what defines Linkin Park. Living Things is a personal album, centered on human emotions and relationships implied by the title. It is informed by and built upon all previous Linkin Park albums, while still pushing the band’s sound into new territory. It’s spirited, energetic, daring and unafraid to hybridize the past, present and future. It’s absolute proof to a radical theory six musicians have devoted their lives to testing.

Living Things Review

It seems as if Linkin Park’s music changes with every album, and this is no exception. They’ve definitely kept up the top quality music they’re known for. The album has 12 tracks, comes with a free one month trial of LP Underground (or at least mine did) and the front cover booklet includes lyrics for all the tracks. So many various new instruments are integrated and each song delivers something different to your ears. Chester still shouts, as always, and Mike returns with his top notch raps. Every song on this CD got my attention and the more I listen to it the more I fall in love with it. Every LP fan should appreciate Living Things. I’ve been a long time fan and they have yet to disappoint me. -Read Reviews-

The album is just meh. … I saw Linkin Park when they had their very first concert at the launch of Hybrid Theory. What I don’t understand about bands is they have a working formula that works and they change it and lose a majority of their fan base. This is why their albums are 3 and 4 dollars at launch now. The songs are OK if you are into the person who likes to “sing in the shower” too much through the song. Yeah chester can belt some lyrics but ultimately the past couple albums dont shed light on hybrid theory or meteora. If your fans of that Linkin Park just save your money.

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