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Your two vinyl choices in the recent past were to get the German issue and usually pay for overseas shipping (City Slang / Berlin version) or the one that most said was a bootleg (no identifiers on back cover). If you are now buying this new on Amazon, you are likely getting what is being referred to as the 2016 "USA release", meaning available in the states instead of Europe (but evidently not made here: this "USA" release actually was made in the Netherlands and carries such a sticker). It was also mastered by Capitol. You can see the differences on the back of the album, both in the bottom right based on whether it says DGC (the new USA release), City Slang (German), or is blank. The new USA release (first picture) also has a different, noncursive font for the word "thank" on the back cover and the "Made in Netherlands" sticker on the shrink wrap. I can’t say how the three versions sound compared to each other, I only have the one, but for those who like to know what they are getting if you buy new from ‘Zon you will get the 2016 "USA" release (made in the Netherlands). I think getting the new USA release but coming with a made in the Netherlands sticker will also confuse some folks. But the album inside is definitely new, and copyrighted 2016. As to the album itself, a 4 1/2 star effort, Side 1 almost a perfect album side and Side 2 bringing it down just a tad. I’ll let others debate over whether it was Courtney, Kurt, or whoever who really wrote it. Bottom line it is good, close to Nirvana’s Nevermind or STP’s Core from that same time period. From a vinyl quality standpoint, I had lots of pops the first time through which went away with a good cleaning – must have had a lot of mold release still on it. The bass is mixed a little underwhelming compared to how the CD was and what I was used to. But that was easily fixed with the bass button. Courtney’s voice is much clearer, but I think they sacrificed some of the deep tones to bring that out. Regardless, still well worth picking up, without having to pay for overseas shipping or worrying about pirated versions. Check it out!

Product description Huge 1994 sophomore album includes “Miss World” and “Doll Parts”. This whole album is filled with scathing fury, mostly directed at the impossible situation that confronts women when they are asked to be both wild sources of pleasure and unblemished mother figures. Live Through This uses the same recipe of punk and metal wrapped around pop melodies that made Nirvana so captivating, but Hole uses the methodology in a more conventional manner. The metal ingredient tends to dominate, perhaps because it’s the simplest to master, and too often the album resembles early Heart or late Joan Jett–particularly when Courtney Love opens up with her big, wailing voice. Love externalizes her anger, blaming all her problems on the rest of the world. Self-confrontation makes for far more interesting songs. –Geoffrey Himes




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Love this album, and the LP I received sounds great, I am a little upset that when it came in the mail, the sides of the album cover were wrinkled and squished in he box. I can live with it, but if a collector is really concerned with the presentation and their collection, and need the "pristine, mint" look for all of the albums, I would be wary of this seller. -Read Reviews-

At this point, Lord only knows what Courtney Love is goin for. She’s tried on many hats, many outfits, all of them a bit off. Musically she’s made some poor choices since "Live Through This," but that shouldn’t take away from the brilliance of this album. The music here feels real, honest. It’s a great blend of strength and vulnerability. In some ways very feminine. Every tune is A+. Certainly a high point for 90s rock.

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