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Live in Chicago

See that look on Luther Allison’s face on the cover of this CD? Well, that’s exactly how it SOUNDS, too, all throughout! The man gives it his all, and we’re lucky he made this scorcher shortly before his untimely death. An intensity in blues singing and playing that is rivaled by few! If you’re unfamiliar with Allison, the best way I can describe him musically is a combination of Buddy Guy and B.B. King, both in his singing and guitar playing. But of course, he’s his own man, and definitely has his own sound and style! Great original songs as well as awesome covers, especially Hurts Me Too. ..the intensity is just staggering!If you love Chicago blues, this album is an indispensable addition to your not hesitate!! Check it out!

Product Description The first CD contains the complete set of his live-appearance at the 1995 Chicago Blues Festival, which was hyped up by the press as the hottest gig of the entire Festival, and celebrated by thousands of fans. Recorded by radio and broadcasted nationwide, this great moment of blues live performance has been documented for the posterity. The bonus track (Gamblers Blues/Sweet Angel) delivers the Jam Session with Otis Rush and Eddie C. Clearwater of the same evening. CD 2 contains a live appearance at Buddy Guy’s Legend, Chicago’s famous live club, recorded in September of the same year. “Live In Chicago” is the first document out of the archive of the Luther Allison Holding Co., which was founded by Luther and his longtime companion Carolyn Brown (Rocky) some days before he died. The blues world lost a treasure when Luther Allison died in 1997, just as he was finally garnering the recognition he so richly deserved. If there’s any question of that, this live album, recorded at the 1995 Chicago Blues Festival and at Buddy Guy’s Legends, will dispel any such notion. A performer and songwriter of the first order, Allison had the sort of mastery of his instrument that comes from long experience; whether rolling off licks on the “Gambler’s Blues/Sweet Little Angel” medley, or playing extended solos on “All the King’s Horses,” Allison’s on the ball and in control at all times. This album contains mostly newer material previously recorded for Alligator Records, like “Soul Fixin’ Man,” “Bad Love,” “All the King’s Horses,” and “What Have I Done Wrong?” Overall, this is an excellent memorial to a musician who should be remembered. –Genevieve Williams

Live in Chicago Review

Damn. I’m almost exhausted myself just LISTENING to Luther Allison’s Live performance! Luther Allison LIVE IN CHICAGO could be the most impressively, never-tiring, force of energy live (or anything) performance that I have ever had the good fortune to listen to. Luther’s music is powerful to say the least. Actually, the word "pulverizing" came to mind while listening to this ‘athletically’ under control, eclectic, electric guitar play with jamming guitar rock solos and always, at least, hints of Chicago blues roots remaining in the mix. It was during Allison’s own "Cherry Red Wine" (that I ‘first’ heard Johnny Lang play – and now have a good idea where Lang got HIS so sincere, soulful singing influence from) that I suddenly blurted aloud "Jesus Christ" with absolutely no insult or "in vain" intentions whatsoever. I said this, of course, during this early-wild (2nd song on cd) LIVE IN CHICAGO solo by Luther Allison. It could be said this live in Chicago recording is more than a mild case of false advertising since about 26 minutes (4 songs) were recorded in 1997 at a place called The Zoo in Lincoln, NE. The rest is recorded at a Chicago Blues Festival in June of ’95 and also at Buddy Guy’s Legends (in Chicago) from November of ’95. That said, what matters, is that the location really does not matter. All that matters is it’s all live, very ‘lively’, and extremely entertaining. And when Luther finally does slow it down for the quite bluesy "It Hurts Me Too" he just cannot maintain that slower blues semi-standard. By the end of this 7 min 40 second recording his guitar begins to wail and shriek somehow ‘majestically’, if I can somehow describe his ‘awesome’ (ah, heck, word fits) play. Should mention some nice "Memphis Horns" background adds to an impressive "orchestra" of additional musicians. Guitar player James Solberg deserves mention for his play as well as co-songwriting plaudits for 10! songs. The last song "medley" with a "Sweet Little Angel" B. B King thrown in (Otis Rush makes an appearance) is 10 plus minutes of a perfect way to end Side 1. As for side 2 just listen. I’ll add side 2 has the Lincoln, NE recordings and I can’t help but point out Luther Allison must have been feeling less than %100 since this was 1997 and his illness had set in. The sound and the energy for those 4 songs is still amazing. Thanx for the efforts Mr. Luther Allison. You are missed but, certainly, more than just remembered. -Read Reviews-

I’m so glad I finally bought this. Deep rich sound, lots of the live noise you’d expect at the Chicago Blues Fest and beset of all the ripping, living vocals of Luther himself.

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