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Little Shop of Horrors (Snap Case Packaging)

I was fortunate enough to see the original off-Broadway (in L.A. actually) with the original cast (Ellen Green, Danny White– the original Whirlpool Repair Man) and the original ending, complete with vines and streamers falling throughout the audience. Changing the ending for the theatrical movie release was one of the most ridiculous things I’ve still ever heard of. ..the ending was too depressing? gimme a break! It’s a bloody comedy for Judas-sakes!Other than that, the cast was pretty damn perfect for this musical flick. Bill Murray and Steve Martin pretty much steal the show and Moranis and Green have a good rapport, especially with "Somewhere That’s Green". Let’s not forget the incredible voice for Audry II either, nor the voices of our 3 Girl Chorus. The songs are very fun and can stay with you all day if you play one song from the sound track per day. It is a goofy movie, but well worth it if ya need something light and funny; just be sure the alternative (original) ending is among the extras on the video. Check it out!

An alien plant which lives on blood changes the lives of the people at Mushnik’s flower shop, in this musical remake of the 1960 horror classic.Genre: MusicalsRating: PG13Release Date: 7-SEP-2004Media Type: DVD




Little Shop of Horrors (Snap Case Packaging) Review


Fans of Fraggle Rock and Sesame Street will see a very familiar creative streak and aesthetic in this wild, eccentric 1986 sci-fi/musical/horror. Though very different from his previous films The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth, Frank Oz (when not voicing Kermit or planting cellophane bags of Angel Dust on Dan Aykroyd) does seem right at home and the perfect choice to direct this movie of a giant hungry plant gone mad. Nerdy florist Seymore Krelborn (Rick Moranis) encourages his boss to display a bizarre new plant, the Audrey II, in the shop window in order to entice more customers into their failing business. The plan works, and as Audrey II grows larger so does their fame. But Audrey demands to be fed, and blood and human meat are at the top of the preferred menu, as so, in a sort-of botanist version of Hellraiser Seymore arranges to keep Audrey II fed with people who deserve to die. Little does he know that Audrey II actually has plans for world domination and is merely using him as a naive puppet. Many musical numbers and cameos later (from John Candy, Bill Murray, and Steve Martin) the film forks into two different endings, depending on what version your watching. The theatrical cut, which I never really liked, gives us a happy ending that was shot merely to appease a fickle test audience (insert groans and rolling eyes here) while the extended ending of Frank Oz’s director’s cut is more epic, darker, crazier, and feels like a more natural homage to creature features of the 1950s such as Godzilla or Creature from the Black Lagoon. I can’t believe this ending was ditched and not seen for over 25 years. Little Shop of Horrors deserves and enduring popularity and if you watch it I insist on the director’s cut. The Blu-ray sports a lovely 1. 78:1 1080p picture with DTS HD-MA sound. A commentary is included, which branches according to what ending the viewer chooses. A 10-minute retrospective documentary on the DC ending, and a vintage documentary are also on there, along with an outtake reel and two trailers. The Digibook is very nice and contains much more text than is usual for these packages, as well as an insert from Oz himself detailing the DC a little bit more. -Read Reviews-

this is such a great film and I don’t think it ever really got the praise it deserves. . It’s a great story executed really well and the musical numbers are such a hoot. Though the music itself is really wonderful. Frank Oz did an excellent job on this film,, as did everyone in the cast. Rick Moranis makes for a great Seymour and Ellen Greene who originated the role on Broadway turns in a terrific performance. Just a hell of a lot of fun from first to last.

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