Buy “Little One's Pillow – Toddler Pillow, Delicate Organic Cotton, Hand-Crafted in USA (13 in x 18 in) Baby” Online

Little One's Pillow - Toddler Pillow, Delicate Organic Cotton, Hand-Crafted in USA (13 in x 18 in)

I bought this pillow for my 15 month old son after reading all the great reviews online. My little guy seemed to be uncomfortable at night in his crib, essentially pushing a stuffed animal or two into the corner to use it as a "pillow". That’s when my husband and I decided he was old enough to have his own. I searched online and read a blog that highly suggested this toddler pillow. Then, I came here and read the reviews. I was sold. My son definitely seems to like it a lot. The first night, he didn’t use it much (we have a monitor to see what he’s up to). I guess it was new and maybe he wasn’t sure what a pillow was for. Since then, he’s realized how comfortable it is and I find him cuddling it under his head and in his arms. I really like it too. It’s made well and very soft and absolutely adorable. We’re definitely pleased with our purchase. I’ll be sure to recommend this company to family and friends. The customer service is great, the quality of the product is great and my son’s enjoying his new pillow. We’re very happy with our purchase. Check it out!

How exciting! Your little one is about to have his or her first pillow, made just for them! We manufacture one of the best toddler pillows you will ever find. Measuring only 13″ X 18″, our toddler pillow is tailor-made for children ages 2 and up. This pillow’s coziness, warmth and comfort will make your little one feel safe, relaxed, and right at home. They will want to take it everywhere with them and will look forward to having a restful sleep or nap. USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC – Not misleading ‘chemical free’ claims. With our Little One’s Pillow we managed to create a product of unmatched craftsmanship. The supportive, premium hypoallergenic polyester fiber, is covered in the finest organic cotton around, all handcrafted together with great attention to detail. Our proprietary cluster fiber filling makes this pillow soft but long-lasting, with an average lifetime of 3 to 5 years. It will keep it’s shape and it will not get lumpy, even after 400 washes! We guarantee it! We spent hundreds of hours testing a variety of pillows with real kids and talking extensively with parents, grandparents, pediatricians and with the kids themselves. The result of our hard work is a pillow that is just right. A pillow that adjusts to your childs sleeping habits and complements them perfectly. Little Ones Pillow. Washing Instructions: Use mild detergent. Wash using cold/warm water. Do not use hot water. Dry on low/medium until thoroughly dry. Do not dry on hot. We stand behind our products and we do everything with such great love and care, for you, our customers. If you have any problems whatsoever with your Little One’s Pillow, be it 90 days, 180 days or even a full year after your purchase date, please contact us for a refund or a free replacement, no questions asked.

Little One’s Pillow – Toddler Pillow, Delicate Organic Cotton, Hand-Crafted in USA (13 in x 18 in) Review

My son converted to a toddler bed and we bought this pillow based on reviews. He loves it but I thought it might be a little flat for him. The owner reaches out directly to see how my son liked it and I told him I thought the pillow was a bit flat for him. Turns out it’s best for their little bodies to have flatter pillows that overly cushiony ones but he offered to make a slightly fluffier pillow just for him! I was amazed by the customer service and direct attention. Highly recommend the pillow and the company! -Read Reviews-

I bought this one as its organic cotton outside and was washable. I do not currently use a pillow case, as its not needed and the pillow itself is really soft. My daughter loves this pillow and I like the fact I can throw it in the washer every week to keep it clean. Some reviewers mentions that the filling isn’t even inside and I agree with them. But it gets better once I shake the pillow and also after each wash and dry. Its not to flat neither to high. The bottom line is that my daughter likes it and sleeps well on it. But its a bit pricey for a tiny pillow. I wish they would have included a pillow cover for the price.

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