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Little Broken Hearts

I love this CD and the direction it takes. Whereas her earlier albums seemed somewhat like warm love letters (and I loved them, too), this one is a bit chilly at times. Not surprising, since it was preceded by the breakup of a relationship. Nonetheless, it tends to be more upbeat musically than her earlier works, perhaps reflecting new-found personal freedom. In addition, her voice just keeps getting better, and her singing is far more varied in tone than on any previous album. This deluxe edition is worth the extra few dollars. The second CD contains live recordings of most of the songs on the first CD, plus a great new version of her classic "Don’t Know Why. " I love all of Norah Jones’ earlier works, but I also love this new direction, whether it lasts or not. Check it out!

LITTLE BROKEN HEARTS ranges from experimental chamber serenades to stark, electronic-embellished confessions, making it Norahs boldest and most satisfying album yet. This deluxe edition includes a bonus CD of 11 live tracks.

Little Broken Hearts Review

I was and remain entranced by this. Sonically and lyrically of a piece. I never tire of it. It always strikes me as if the person/artist is talking to themselves in the private place that noone else ever enters, where the private dialog with the world takes place. -Read Reviews-

An already excellent album, now with a fantastic live show featuring the album’s songs. Glad I snuck up on this re-release. ..

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